• Yes they do.

    First of all, it's the parents responsibility to keep their children inside at an appropriate hour so that they can eat and sleep for the day. However, if parents are not responsible, or if kids are sneaking out, there needs to be a law in place so that kids are not allowed out late at night.

  • Curfew is key.

    I think that there should be a curfew set in place for children. I think that there is no reason that children of a certain age should be wandering the streets at night. A good curfew sets boundaries and can instill a sense of respect within the children that follow them.

  • Within Families Only

    I think setting curfews for children are important but should be the responsibility of the parents. If anything is done on a national level it should only be suggestions for law enforcement to check with children seen out after a certain time. I do not see a reason for this issue to be handled by someone outside of a family.

  • We do need child curfews.

    We do need child curfews. Whether set by parents or authorities it gives parents responsibility to know where there children are. The rules and examples that parents and authorities set gives children a sense of responsibility as well. I think growing up rules were essential for both self worth and sense of maturity.

  • I want to know reasons to say yes to child curfew.

    I want child curfew but i dont know many reasons why we need it.
    I think we should have it because of crimes these days. If we want a safer place to live we are going to need curfews or people will kill themselves or others. They might also vandalize.

  • Only from the parents

    Parents should set curfews, NOT the legal authorities. The government is inflexible. The parents can make reasonable exceptions for things like walking home just a few blocks to get something you forgot during a sleepover, or going to a concert or a sports game.

    If it's in a place with a high crime rate then I would make an exception and say there should be a curfew mandated by the government. Otherwise, it should be up to the parents.

  • We do not need child curfews

    What is needed now is more parent involvement in raising their children to be capable of making responsible and reasonable decisions on their own. Children need to be taught to think about the consequences of their actions before they make the choices instead of saying they just didn't think about what would happen or worse "YOLO" (You only live once). The sooner children learn that life is not fair and they are not the center of the universe the sooner they can become responsible functioning members of society.
    Implementing curfews is another way parents wouldn't have to be the "bad guy" and make a responsible parenting decision on their own. The government says the child can't be out past ten so it is the governments fault the child can't do what they want.

  • No we don't.

    Teens already feel like they don't have control over their lives. They are denied many legal rights adults take for granted. Also, studies agree curfews don't reduce crime. In some cases, just push crime to another part of the day. That's not solving the problem, that's creating new problems. A better alternative is to provide intervention services to at risk youth. Also, police need to be getting real criminals and not diverting their resources to enforce a curfew.

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