• It has a more direct connection to the brain.

    Cursive has a flow that can not be emulated by typing or block letters. There's something about writing without lifting the pencil from the paper that sparks something. Try writing a journal entry both ways and see how it turns out. I suspect one will flow more easily than the other.

  • It helps with spelling

    I am a primary school teacher and I teach Cursive handwriting. I think that cursive script writing helps children learn to spell as the process of letter formation creates muscle memory and improves the chances of children spelling correctly. In addition, I think that children should be taught some form of handwriting as otherwise they will create their own style which may not be legible and cojld take a long time to correct.

  • Needed as an adult.

    The whole purpose for schools is to prepare students for their life after school. As an adult, You will have many times when you need to give a message to others in written form. Cursive handwriting adds authenticity. If you receive a typed message, There is no way to know who exactly wrote it but written words are much more difficult to forge. This is why every contract I have seen requires you to print AND sign your name.
    Yes, In many office environments, Most of the communication is done by typed messages but not only do most other jobs require hand written messages, Many times even office workers need to write quick notes to other staff.
    Tho many/most people have turned away from using the mail to communicate. There are many cases were it is still expected or at least would have more meaning. What would you rather receive, A Christmas card that the sender took the time to write out a personal message and mail it or an e-card that they just picked out online and forwarded to everyone?

  • It's an important, And unappreciated, Skill.

    Students should learn how to read cursive because a lot of historical documents are written in cursive. Some letters like lower case r and upper case Q are almost impossible to recognize without learning it in school.
    Then after teaching how to read it, It would be appropriate to teach how to write it.

    Plus you need to know how to write your signature.

    As a personal note: I see cursive as an art because of how pretty and technical it is. And the arts are an important subject.

  • Cursive is needed in adulthood!

    We need cursive as adults. We can't grow up and can't sign our name in cursive because we don't know how. Certain things need a persons signature. . . . If everyone writes in print it is easy for someone to give you a foreign signature, And that is against the law. Every school I know of doesn't teach cursive to students. But we need it as adult for certain paperwork and applications, But lucky for me my mom teaches me cursive. But I think we need cursive in order to be an adult, And schools are not teaching use the stuff we need in order to be adults.

  • Yes i think cursive should be taught because its a something you will have to know in the future

    When you get older you will need to be able to right in cursive because it is a neat way to write like for collage when you have to write a paragraph about something and you want it to be neat no like you wrote it when you where in 6th grade and when you have to sing things

  • Cursive is an outdated system a writing. Is it necessary to be teaching the new generation of students?

    My argument for why we don’t need to teach cursive anymore is that most people never use it. I am a middle school student, And I’ve never used cursive outside of the context of academia. I believe in our modern world, Teaching typing is far more important to students like me.

  • Probably in most situations no

    I remember some basic teaching about cursive and how to do it in 3rd grade. After that? We never had to use it again even right now during high school.

    I don't believe cursive is going to serve much of a purpose being taught if you aren't going to be using it during school in the future/if it isn't required to be used.

  • Beautiful, But unnecessary.

    I happen to use and love cursive near daily, As I find it easier to write faster in cursive and because it's often illegible to anyone other than myself, Assuring privacy. However, It's not necessary in today's world. Nowadays it's rarely, If ever, Required in schools or in the workplace unless you're putting your signature on something.

  • The Age of Computers

    While it should be noted the level of professionalism associated with a handwritten note, Anything handwritten for the most part is trivial in application to daily business or the latter. Cursive is a relic of the past that is unnecessary for normal life in this new technological age we live in.

  • As long as it is legible no one cares

    Being Born in India, There were times where we were forced to write in cursive at times they'd beat me on the knuckles Teachers would grade our papers based on the handwriting and the number of color pens we use. I guess schools should have much higher priority than force a kind of calligraphy like focus on the content of the writing, As long as the contents as legible no one cares. Prepare the kids for the real world.

  • You can use printing too.

    Cursive is not needed, As printing is a lot easier to wright and read. Also most reports, Nowadays are written on computers. Cursive is a lot harder to learn than printing and there is absolutely no use for it in life. Cursive is only there to make your writing look good.

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