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  • I like to sleep.

    No, we don't need Daylight Savings Time anymore, because we use enough green energy anymore that the energy we save by having it isn't worth it. It's also very hard to wake up for church on the Sunday morning after spring ahead. We should just keep things uniform so they are not confusing.

  • No to daylight savings time.

    IMO, all daylight savings time is good for is messing up our schedules. As far as this procedure saving energy, I am not convinced. Why not do as Arizona does and do away with daylight savings time all together? In the spring the time change causes undue stress and takes around 2 weeks to get used to. Then, again in the fall. I say get rid of it!

  • Daylight Savings Time is the worst

    Nobody enjoys the yearly ritual of losing an hour of sleep and then remembering which clocks update automatically and which clocks need to be updated manually.

    Daylight Savings Time was created to help support an agriculturally based economy that no longer exists. We have maintained it far beyond its usefulness. This is one tradition whose time has come and gone.

  • No We Don't

    I honestly don't believe we need Daylight Savings Time anymore. I think the changing of the clocks just messes people up, especially when they are use to the sun sitting and rising at certain times. I don't think the change does anything to really help us. I don't understand why we still follow this practice.

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