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  • We can learn more stuff with education

    We all know some kids hate schoolo but they dont really get why there in school. The reason why schools exisit is becuase the goverment cares for people education and life skills. Kids are learning more about life and maths,english,science adn life hacks that we cdan use for lateron. They can find there pasion with the big picture foundation like they can persue there dream job all becuase of education!

  • Its just education

    This education makes us all work uselessly without having the sense of life like mere robots.This education makes a man look like someone who lives to eat not eat to live making life and food the goal. Education is important for every person on earth coz an educated people can live as a human been,

  • We need education

    We need education because most people want to get a GOOD job, and also most people do not want to be STUPID with no knowledge. With education, you have the power to get into a good college, meet new friends, not stay in a shell, and allow you to get a well-paying job. Would you want to work at your nearest supermarket your whole life getting paid minimum wage? I wouldn't. This proves that we do need education, good or bad, we need at least something.

  • Education makes a human being whole

    There is a strange gap in the understanding of why schools are lie they are today. The intellectual traditions that have shaped how our schools have developed are mostly invisible to everyday people. We see a need to pass exams to attain some level of living, and that is a laudable outcome but surely education is more than that. Is it not the development of thinkers (Einstein) and doers. Those that can teach do and those that can't teach, but surely there is a third way, a way that suggests that education enables all to both think and do. We all want society members to be productive, active and able to make a contribution to our society in order to achieve the balance that people look for. Does this always happen? Not in my opinion but education enables those of society to be informed about the world and it's machinations and to make informed choices. Education for all will effect all lives and make us both more tolerant of the differences between us but also the similarities that bind us as a human species.

  • Preparing for life

    Education is not simply about going to school and passing exams - it's about preparing for life. Education builds within us essential qualities that will allow us to become fulfilled adults who make a contribution to society. Resilience, tolerance, socialisation, independence, empathy, compassion, the ability to deal with struggle and to solve problems, these are all qualities which are gained through good education.

  • An education is essential for everyone, no matter their race or gender.

    If humans didn’t learn new things, we would not survive. We need to learn how to live in this world where money is everything. We need basic knowledge that could save lives. But it would be great if we could go up and beyond this. Education can help us become more independent and we could have more adventures and meet more people. We use our brain everyday and becoming smarter improves your emotional, spiritual, social, academic, mental and even physical health. So vote YES FOR LEARNING

  • Without education we are ignorant and it is lifelong

    Only through education can be attain a body of knowledge that has been accrued by humanity through the ages. The metaphor 'on the shoulder of giants' fits this description. However, one should be aware that education is not static and that we adapt to the changing face of knowledge. We now have more knowledge at out finger tips due to the net but we need to be enlightened through education not to be duped by false assumptions.

  • No education no life

    Ppl whi dont have education cant be able to find a job that is great pay no ones wan't to hired a person who dont have any education .Nowdays no education means no job and no job s mean no life when u dont have a great life then y u want no live in this world

  • It is important

    If we didn't have an education then we would be able t speak properly. When reading it would be impossible, even typing this would be impossible if it wasn't for education. It would be hard to understand others if u don't understand some of the simple things that are being sayed

  • It Sucks For Us!

    We can learn the same on our on. We really have no need for education because it is a waste of life time. Education sucks for the children that don't understand what they are even trying to teach at these young students anyway so it would be a waste of time. There you go.

  • Say nine to education

    I am dumb and i took a big fat shit and finger painted with it on the walls because i don't have education and i think i am a fine dank Hittler. I am a fucking retard and i like that because i can make retarded jokes NINE NINE NINE

  • You can live with your parrents

    You don't need an education to live because you can live with your parents and when they die there money goes to you you can also go on the sides of roads and beg for money this is why you dont need an education to live a life in this world

  • As education is now.... No

    Education now (and since the industrial age) has been about rote learning specific facts that governments decide you need to know. Education should be about empowering learners to access, analyse and criticise information that is relevant to their abilities and interests. This includes teaching literacy and numeracy skills to make sure they csn understand and process data accurately.

  • You can learn outside of school.

    In school its all textbooks and stuff, most people want to be hands on. In the real world you can. Also school doesn't prepare very good because most people with education still aren't successful. The government wants us to stay at the bottom why they rule education and fund it.

  • Education that means diploma of some university - NO

    Education that means diploma of some university - NO, education that means knowledge - YES. But if you want to get knowledge you don't need university. You need library/Internet/other people. Of course you can't get practical knowledge in some spheres, for example, in medicine. Because you can't buy a dead body in the store for surgical trainings. But you can study theory of it from books. Prestigious universities today teach you how to fool people and get their money. I'm not a native English speaker. My native languages are Belarusian and Russian. I didn't go to university to learn English, I just bought book and connected to Internet. I know some other languages. And I learnt them without any courses and colleges. Some people say that for learning foreign language you need 5-10 years. Mezzofanti spoke 39 languages. How could he learn them for 74 years of his life? 39*5=195 years! So all depends on your desire. If you want to get knowledge you can get them freely today. If you want to get a diploma you need money. So think who is interested party and who to believe.

  • Too overrated and most education is also antiquated

    I believe that education is quite like a prison at the start of everyone's lives. It gives too much unnecessary information, for example: who needs to know that the Conferederates lost in Gettysburg? It could have been lost in Wilmington, or Seattle, who cares? Or who cares, that argon is an inert element, if you are not working with it? The more important thing is, what the war means in history and what are the causes, not the facts related to it. The information is as valuable as it is useful.

    The education systems are too information oriented and there are too many things, which do not need to be learnt. In this sense, we force kids to go to school and learn things, they are not even slightly interested in learning after all and we take their power away. In the end, they feel powerless and lose their self-esteem, and lose touch with their own dreams.

    Yes, education is needed, but it is way overrated and the current system is very antiquated. I believe, that a person needs a maximum of 7, maybe 8 years before getting specialized education, like in university or vocational schools.

    We need education, but in an efficient way!

  • Technological Savoy Future

    If you asked to chose between a laptop and a book, the answer is obviously going to be a laptop because though it might be perceived as a "toy" item, its a new way of learning. If you tell a child to find a fact about the brain, looking in a book could take several minutes, versus a student typing in facts about the brain and still getting the same facts, but faster. Yes, there is the doubt that the students will just be copying, but there is not a valid point there. Even the copying into notes will turn into a steady repetition and the student will enjoy studying because they will associate learning with their new learning by technology. I'm not at all saying we should just throw education out the window, we need a new approach to how we are learning, which can be achieved by technology.

  • Why is the country so fixated on education.

    There are many of us that feel hopeless and undervalued and are worried about our future, all because of the cruel educated society that we live in. We feel devalued.
    The problem is education takes time, and not everyone can catch up on that time. There are a lot of uneducated talented people out there who have a lot to offer.

  • The internet is all we need.

    We don't need education, just ask google to solve your questions. If we ever get a job in a office than you can just sneak a phone and switch on google and you can pretty much get the answer for almost every question. That's just what i think, just use google.

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