• We need greater restrictions on judges.

    We need greater restrictions on judges. In order to ensure that people are treated fairly within the justice system we must have judges that adhere to certain ethics or codes of conduct. Judges must be impartial, have a high knowledge of the law, have good patience, be honest, have lots of life experience, be empathic and have a sense of humanity.

  • Yes We Do

    I believe judges do need to have more restrictions because their freedom can negatively impact those in the justice system. I believe judges need more guidelines to follow so punishments and consequences are approximately the same regardless of where a person is within the United States. I think some judges get the idea that their methods are better than those that have been found to work.

  • Judges are important

    The fate of thousands of people around the country in the criminal justice or civil justice system lay in the hands of judges, and as such they should be treated with the most scrutiny possible. We don't need injust, irresponsible people on the bench, and greater restrictions on judges might be one way to do this.

  • Yes, we need greater restrictions on judges.

    I believe that we need greater restrictions on judges. I think that judges these days seem to operate beyond the power that is given to them from the judicial system. I think that there needs to more rules and restriction placed upon such individuals. I think that doing so will create a fairer system.

  • We're doing fine, thanks.

    I think that our current restrictions and other limits on judges are fine as they are. We are actually very good at uncovering and then punishing most judicial misconduct. For example, there was that judge in Pennsylvania who is now in prison for accepting bribes. The system does work very well.

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