• Yes we do

    Men should be celebrated to. They are the knee who go out to war and defend women and children. This whole male privilege thing doesn't really exist. I am a girl and i really doubt that any man will get treated better than a women just because he is a man.

  • There's real issues at stake.

    To undo the harms inflicted by sexism toward both sexes specifically by provoking people to stand up for the human rights of men and boys worldwide (especially those who are the victims of suicide, torture, killings, rape, child soldiering, and slavery), and to promote the end of violence that many men either inflict and are afflicted by. To stand up against 'toxic masculinity' that limits how men and boys can express themselves, to improve the health and quality of life of men and boys around the world (especially those harmed by mental illness, war, rape, violence, and loss of life), to promote gender equality, address the prevalence of fatherlessness and highlight positive male role models and the increasing need for them.

  • Of course we should

    Men are just as important as women. If there is an international women's day then there should also be an international men's day. I know that international men's day already exists but I don't know what the problem with it is. Equality is for both genders and both genders having their own day is equality.

  • They suffer in silence

    Men are the gender that is always ignored when it comes to gender issues men commit more suicide, 3 in four homeless people are men, 98% of deaths in war, 92% of workplace deaths, Only 16% of custody winners and yet their problems are ignored in today’s society if they tell their problems they will just be told to man up

  • We absolutely do

    International Men's day is about tackling sexism, Double-standards and helping with equality. In my opinion (how ever biased it may be) International Men's day is just as important as International Woman's day. This helps to approach male mental health problems and the considerable higher rate of male suicide than female suicide.

  • Yes we do for a number of reasons.

    Men suffer with more mental health issues, Larger suicide numbers (I am one of those who tick both).
    Men do the most dangerous jobs(construction, Oil rigs, Mining etc), Most health risk jobs(sewage work, Rubbish collection and proccess, Etc), More join the military, Most likely to be conscripted for military if any new major war breaks out.
    Men are now more put down upon with stupid lies and skewed "facts" (man-spreading, Man-splaining, The pay gap nonsense, Etc). Young boys are being infantialised, Feminised and having genuine groups for boys to learn masculine stuff, Or invaded by girls because it's sexist(boys brigade, Scouts etc) but not the other way around. Boys are the majority for struggling ar school and being fed lies about toxic masculinity which further causes mental health problems later down the line.
    White men are considered scum by certain groups for apparent racisim in our nature(bollocks in otherwords)
    And more and more to support the argument. We are slowly becoming second class citizens, Especially white males.

  • Equality demands it!

    The UN observes 10 days for females & 2 days using the term 'Mother' which have nothing to do with females.
    There are NO observances for males.
    Even when men do something good or even die, They are usually referred to as bystanders, Rescuers, Miners, Sailors, Soldiers, Fire fighters.
    Males are invisible.

  • We need it

    We f***ing need it beceause if not There is no equality, But you feminist only want equality when it fits YOU! So i need you to edit This retarded article to why we need mens day. And then i truly will be happy until we see each other again. . . German; Ich will zerstöre jede feminismus!

  • We absolutely do!

    First off, No I’m not a man. Second, I am a “true” feminist. I believe that we SHOULD have a Men’s day, Who goes to war and fights for us, Men. Who goes and makes the majority of money for the typical U. S family, Men. Men aren’t celebrated everyday! My husband got verbally assaulted on the walk to work a couple weeks ago by a women! We should always celebrate men AND women, Celebrate each other on their respective days people! Thank you for reading! :)

  • Of course we do!

    We already have one, And we don't need to get rid of it. Anyone who supports a National Women's Day and not a National Women's Day is sexist and only care about themselves. Sorry for the left side of things, The right side's won this one. I'll be celebrating on National Men's Day.

  • An international men's day

    Is not 'needed' as such. The key word here is 'need'.
    Our species and every other species can survive without a day designated to celebrating/appreciating men. We/they do every other day of the year. I am not a feminazi either as I would say the same in regards to an international womens day. I would actually have the same opinion in regards to any day celebrating anything, to be honest.
    Nothing wrong with having an international men's day, we just don't NEED it.

    (Men's day already exists if you weren't aware )

  • No, there is no "need" for an International Men's Day.

    Dictionary.Com's definition of need: requirement, necessary duty, or obligation
    Oxford Dictionary's: require (something) because it is essential or very important
    Merriam-Webster: a situation in which someone or something must do or have something
    "Need" is a largely misused word. Many people would prefer to have an international men's day, but it is not NEEDED. Additionally, those who are already favored do not need to be privileged. The reason for International Women's Day is their cultural depreciation and disregard. Sexism in our modern society favors men. Many people think of men as the superior gender. International Women's Day is a day to celebrate women's economic, political, and social achievements. Women have a whole day dedicated to themselves because in the past they have been disregarded and seen as inferior. If men are already appreciated and have always been, why should they need a whole day dedicated to them?

  • There is no reason for Men's Day.

    Nope. We live in a patriarchal society, men are celebrated everywhere at all times. Men are and always have been treated more respectfully than women, and I'm not saying that there needs to be a Women's Day, but there is no need for a Men's Day when men are already treated better.

  • There already is one.

    November 19th guys... You would know this if you actually cared about having the day instead of demanding it as a gotcha against International Women's Day... If you people were to truly hold value in the day, you would know this already instead of trying to shit on the day that celebrates womanhood instead of focusing males like we as a society do on every other day.

  • It already exists.

    This has already been cited to exist, as originally pointed out by user
    alivia. The fact that the day already exists should end a debate about "Do we need ___ " we already have ___ . And so the only true answer is:
    No this is not needed.
    1. We already have one
    2. It does not follow the definition of need in Oxford Dictionary.

  • There is no need for any "This group is special day"

    People already think they are some hot stuff every time they walk down the street. We don't need more ways to remind people that they are important. Whether it's women, blacks, children, Christians, atheists, the insane clown posse, no group needs a special day. Let your achievements speak for themselves.

  • Men already rule in this patriarchy.

    Men for centuries have enslaved woman and quite frankly, I am ashamed, This should not have gone on at all and I am saying this as a straight mixed male, There is also the disturbing fact that women all over the world in the modern day are still enslaved by men, So let me ask you this, Do we really need to celebrate a day dedicated to men?

  • Men are too busy making everyone’s lives comfortable to celebrate

    Quite simply, We men are too damn busy to care about a “special” day for us. We know the great work that we do because it is all around us all day long. Every building, Road, Power grid, Sewer system, For all of these modern invisible luxuries you can thank men. The Feminist’s Wish is for all women (except for themselves) to rise to the great heights of achievement where men sit. The Feminist’s Wish is for men to acknowledge the importance of the absurd notion of affirmative action. The Feminist Wish is for the world to be nicer to all women and not call them names or challenge them in any meaningful way. The Feminists can’t have that, The same way that they can’t have the Sun.

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