• Yes, they are paid a lot.

    Yes, we need military pay cuts, because, when you total everything up, they are very handsomely paid. Someone can retire from military service when they are only 40 and receive a pension for the entire rest of their life. When you factor that in, people in the services are very, very handsomely paid. It is too much with tax dollars.

  • Yes, the military is a drain on the United States expenses

    Yes, I agree that the military needs pay cuts. The military takes up the majority of the US budget. I think that money could be better spent improving our own country instead of trying to impose our will on others. Military pay cuts are necessary if we want our country to pull itself out of this recession completely.

  • Find another job

    The fact of the matter is: the Russians and Chinese, the only credible threats to the United States, don't want war. Neither should we. Military spending needs to be cut by 90% and this saving applied to educating the youth. The problem is that most American kids are such stupid, backward trash that the military is the only option for them. How can such a ridiculous and laughable people claim to be the defenders of the "free" world? Freedom from what I may ask?

  • No they are not.

    The service man and women aren't paid enough at all. Their pay ranges only from $40,000 to $80,000 a year. The US budget pays for the guns, tanks, jets and bullets that they shoot at our enemy's. That money does not go to the men and women using them. And when they retire they deserve more money for retirement than any other job the US has to offer. Why? Because their job is to literally put their lives at high risk everyday for years just so you can complain how stressing your desk job is and then go home and sleep in a bed.

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