• Yes because they are more likely to be educated

    There is an obvious correlation between atheism and intelligence levels. Therefore increasing the chances of a productive president if he/she were an atheist.
    Atheists are also usually more moral. I know, it's a shocking thought but think about it. Whenever you see an atheist arguing over a moral situation like war or homosexual rights they're usually arguing for equality. Atheists want equality for everyone because none of us have a reason to hate anyone, whether it be sexual preference, ethnicity, nationality, or whatever else Christians hate people for. We have no religious texts telling us to burn homosexuals with fire, and if you want to read it, look up Leviticus 20:13 in your bible

  • I do agree.

    Its funny how religious folk feel "attacked" just because they are confronted with rational arguments, I've never heard of an atheist getting a shotgun and presenting itself in a Church for a mass muder...The religious ones though... Where to start... I think the Atheists Creed is "I don't believe in God but I respect you" and the the "religious" ones is "If you don't believe in God you dont respect me"

  • Atheists are often anti religion.

    Atheist politicians are the last thing we need. Politicians with religion respect religious freedom, regardless of the religion, and therefore protect it generally. Atheists tend to be hostile toward religion and attack all religion from a disregard in general, to an outright hatred for religion. Religion is good, we need religious politicians to support it.

  • The bible speaks for its self

    The beginning of wisdom is the fear of GOD. Atheist should keep their thoughts to themselves. They have nothing to rely on. Mostly trouble makers that want to keep things stirred up and fill their believe in nothing day. We do not need any atheist politicians. The way congress is acting these days I don't think we need a congress.

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