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  • No the United States does not need more commercial lawyers.

    No the United States (US) does not need more lawyers of any specialty, but especially not commercial (business) lawyers. The fact that in the US, as a society, we spend more time and resources litigating civil cases than any other country in the world is a major hindrance to the growth of our economy. We need to spend less time in court and more time resolving issues face-to-face. Fewer commercial lawyer would force this to happen.

  • No, we need less

    There are already too many lawyers in the United States. There are so many right now that you almost have to graduate from a top law school to even get a job. By having more lawyers, it would just drive wages down and drive the unemployment rate up. People are just in it for the money.

  • No, we don't need more commercial lawyers.

    I do not think that we need more consumer lawyers in the United States of America. I think there are more than enough lawyers in America. They are sometimes a leech on society and should not be something that the general public soughts after. The less lawyers the better for everybody.

  • There are too many.

    No, we do not need more commercial lawyers in the United States, because today, anyone can sue anyone for anything. They do far too much. With it not being hard enough to become a lawyer, those who do are often not competent. If there were fewer lawyers, the quality would be higher.

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