Do we need more effective weapons in the US military?

Asked by: glamazonhomeyg
  • We do need more effective weapons in the US military, in order to deal with the way threats are.

    Drones are a new and modern safe way to attack terrorists, and check and target to make sure they are versus sending a bunch of jumpy nervous soldiers to the location, and putting them in danger if there is danger and the innocent people in danger if the target is innocent. The fact of the matter is a more effective weapon would keep more lives safe in matters such as these.

  • Yes more effective weaponry will benefit the US military.

    We have come a long way in weaponry over our history, but it doesn't mean we should stop trying to improve. Improving accuracy will reduce casualties. Creating weapons that are specific for the task will reduce the dangers for the person yielding it. However; I feel the most important reason to improve the effectiveness of our weapons is as a deterrent. If our weapons will be able to penetrate the deepest bunkers and be able to accurately attack someone instead of an entire area. We again will greatly reduce the casualties on both sides and make those wanting to hurt others less likely to do so.

  • No more, enough is enough

    This is a no-brainer. Enough is enough, we need to dismantle what we have to reduce the threat of an accident. We the public don't really know the exact number of nuclear weapons in the world.
    Global military secrecy creates uncertainty, mistrust and misunderstandings. We need MORE TRANSPARENCY and action by the world's weapons producers and governments to stop producing more weapons and instead work on dismantling this out-dated behmoth

  • Our weapons are capable enough.

    I haven't seen any evidence that we need more effective weapons in the US. We're perfectly capable of massacring women and children with our current weapon systems available. Have you seen the videos of human beings being transformed into ground meat with the simple press of a button? Yeah, I think we're good there.

  • No, our weapons we already have are effective enough.

    I don't believe we need more effective weapons because as it is the weapons we currently have do an adequate job. The US military has decent funding and there hasn't been a war or skirmish where US forces have been completely overwhelmed. If it was a matter of immediacy, where more effective weapons meant saving hundreds or thousands of soldiers lives then perhaps my opinion would be different, but as it is I don't think more powerful weapons are the answer. The US military is a strong enough force now.

  • Lets go with no

    This is pretty embarrassing but lets treat it like it isn't and try to theorize the question. Do we need more effective weapons? No, we do a pretty good job of killing each other as it is, take your pic from the graphic shown with this "question." We don't need more effective personal weapons, which may or may not be what the hell is being asked here.

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