• Stereotypes are not needed.

    By working in roles that are typically viewed as appropriate only for women, Men can help to break down the stereotypes that foster gender inequalities. Their students will see that males can also perform well when dealing with
    emotions, Interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences.

    Additionally, A more diverse workforce will reflect the student population more acurately, Thus ensuring that both male and female students can feel equally comfortable and make the most of their learning experience.

    Men should stop stereotyping themselves or fear that if they ever become a tireless teacher, They will lose part of their masculinity as being caring or empathetic does not clash witn being manly.

  • We definitely need more

    Young boys need a good male role model. Nowadays there are more families that are run by single mothers, Other than improving the family courts making them less biased against fathers, The second best thing is to have male role models for young developing boys so they could see themselves become a good man in the future. Upwards of 90% of incarcerated males are ones raised by single mothers so more male teachers can mean less young male crime.

  • AbsoFreakingLutely!!! And Here's the Facts:

    The systems currently set up do not bode well for a young male. If he does end up in a public school, there is a good chance his instructor or teacher will be a female. 76% of all teachers in the U.S. educational system are women. This will not be in your son’s favor.
    Most female teachers believe all boys should be taught as girls. They believe in forming social relationships rather than academic substance. They do not understand the natural aggression of boys, the rough play, the joking with one another, and general male behavior. Most believe boys should be medicated and pacified. All of these actions by female educators bring about a sort of totalitarian order to a school system. Most male teachers are happy with letting boys be boys and girls be girls. Most female teachers however, want all boys to be taught as girls.

  • Yes probably so

    Maybe there is a noticeable unbalance there but it could be because the that certain subjects are better taught by certain sexes for example a gym teacher could arguably be better left for a male teacher and history may be better taught by male teachers also but either way there may be a shortage of them.

  • More Male Teachers

    Such as there is a need for more male nurses; there exists a need for more male teachers. Teachers are often thought of as a nurturing profession and women are on the forefront in regards to jobs. Placing more male teachers in the classroom serves as role models for males.

  • There are already plenty of male teachers.

    Just this year I have three male teachers and three female ones. Some years I’ve had more male teachers, some years more female teachers. It really doesn’t matter in my opinion. It’s not like we discriminate against male teachers. And it’s already pretty balanced. Yeah, maybe there are a few more female teachers, but there are plenty of male ones out there as well.

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