• Reverse psychology to the rescue

    While Earth certainly has a large population, it could still be much larger. Any shortage of resources is artificial and is only present for the sake of financial benefit. However, if the human population could be inflated to the point where Earth really is overpopulated, then that would provide an important "immigration push" factor, which in turn would lead to an exponential growth in resources allocated towards exploration and settlement.

  • Push for new technologies.

    There is plenty of resources for the current, Or even a population double that of now. Newer technologies like nuclear fusion and vertical farming will basically let an infinite amount of humans live on this earth (trillions). One of the current problems is the lack of people as more people = more demand = newer technologies. There is a risk that humanity will stay on this rock and not expand out into space.

  • Yeah we do

    Yes I think that we do need more humans on this earth ok and we should have to make more humans on this earth otherwise we should have a good time and we should have to allow kids to date at any age and we should have to let y’all know

  • Yeah we Do

    With more people we would discover more things and invent more things with more people there would be more wealthy and of course with more people there would be more happiness and joy all around the whole entire world ok ok so yeah we should have to have more people on this earth

  • Yes we do

    Yes I think that we do need more on this earth ok and yes we should have to have more people on this earth so that way we can have more wealthy and more joy whoever says no is A stupid vegan anyways ok ok ok ok ok bye bye

  • I hate the earth

    I f***ing hate the earth so much that we should build us buildings homes and cities for us humans and we should let endangered species go extinct and humans should rule the earth ok ok because taking care of our Mother Earth is f***ing dumb and stupid at the same time

  • Earth is nothing

    Earth is nothing but a floating rock that doesn’t even talk our earth should have no rights and no freedom we humans should have more rights and more freedom than Mother Nature ok ok humans need more rights and more freedom than Mother Nature ok ok ok bye bye 👋

  • Humans are more important

    Humans are more important more intelligent and more powerful than other things on this f***ing earth I love humans humans are loving so much that we might be the best animals we live on this stupid Mother Earth ok ok so yeah indeed my complete answer is yes bye bye

  • The human population needs to grow more in the future

    The human population will never decrease and it will keep on rising forever and humans will become immortal no matter what vegans say ok and yes I think that we indeed do need more people on this earth ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes bye bye

  • Yes maybe Ok

    I think that we do need more people on this earth because humans are much more important for the environment than nature because humans are superior than nature humans are the best and humans are the greatest life form on earth ok ok ok ok ok ok bye bye 👋

  • We do not need more humans

    If the human population continues to increase without a sufficient amount of resources we will inevitably suffer due to a lack of depending resources. If more people are born then more resources are expended. More CO2 will me emitted, More food will be consumed and produced, More land space will be occupied.

  • Why The Hell Would We WANT Them

    You can't argue for beings that don't exist, So why is it bad if they never do exist. It's not murder if they're never born, So why should it matter if a it's not birthed into this world huh? More people means more pollution, You can't change that fact, So why would we want them?

  • What would be an argument for more people?

    If we are more people, Less people will be able to live a "happy" fulfilled life due to resource shortness etc. Shouldn't the goal be to make as many people as possible happy on this world? More people on the earth will just mean more people but not more wealth and joy in general.

  • Finite resources. Too much pollution.

    As of 10 October 2019, The world population is at 7. 7+ billion people. There is unrest in the Middle East, Africa, South China Sea and South America due of wars related to finite natural resources such as oil, Natural gas, Rare earth elements, And politics. The world is in utter turmoil. Political unrest causing an immigration crisis in the Middle East, Africa and South America. Drought, Malnutrition, Poor healthcare, Ebola virus and deforestation in Africa and South America. This is to name a few major issues affecting the planet right now. The entire western governments are under extreme pressure to deal with all the chaos going on in and around their countries. So, With all that going on, The last thing existing humans need is a global economic meltdown and a full scale nuclear war that will wipe off any trace of human existence.

  • Haven't you heard of: "Too much of anything is bad for you. "

    Same can be said with this world. There are too many of these humans in this Earth. Not to mention most of them are just stupid normies who just want to screw with the environment, With other people's lives and etc. If at least half of the Earth's population is halved, It would be better here.
    Most of the third world countries should be eradicated. (only select a few of them to save while killing the majority of them who are just killing this planet. )
    In order to have peace, You need lots and lots of sacrifices.

  • We ruin the world

    More peeople =more food more resourses more
    Water more place more dirt more saliv
    The food we are supposed to give its not enough!
    Unless we work together and stop destroying nature
    Stop building bunch of mass like cars, Tv, Computers
    Iphone. All the clothes too everyone human need bye bye water

  • Melting pot world

    'All we need is a great big melting pot' say the songs lyrics. From all BBC media this year (2018) we are slowly being indoctrinated that we should welcome everybody from all countries to move to the UK. So good luck to ' they paved paradise put up a tower block' of the future in the UK. We don't need more people in the UK. Or do I mean London?

    Posted by: Depp
  • I think definitely not ,

    The more we produce the more we take up space. Animals habitats are being destroyed and forests are getting chopped down which is absolutely wrong. We are , so far the only planet with life on it we are special enough. If we have more people on earth, we will eventually run out of resources.

  • We Don't NEED

    I do not believe we "need" more people on Earth. I think we are better off to continue pro-creating because, in my opinion, life means very little unless you share it with a family. Some people don't feel this way and they show it by not having children. The planet certainly doesn't need more people, but there are many people who want to have children.

  • The Earth is Crowded Enough!

    I don't think that our population is in any danger of dying out anytime soon, so I don't think that we need more people on the planet. Instead of populating the world as much as humanly possible, it's much better to focus some of our energies on bettering life for those of us who already live here, and thinking wisely about how many kids we each want.

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