• I got nothing honestly.

    I just think so, but also not at the same time. I think yes because immigrants have their own land. But, I also say no because we, Americans, want to visit some cool stuff like statues and places in other countries. And, they probably feel the same way. Just think about it.

  • Cons outweigh Pros

    Sure, some jobs and economic facets are filled with the illegal immigrant, HOWEVER every single one of these jobs, workings, and land can be just as easily used by LEGAL Americans. Besides, it’s not rocket science to get legal access to the America’s. Not to mention, most illegal immigrants are only coming in to import illegal drugs. Sure, immigrants may work cheaper, but their cheap work reflects their cheap prices.

  • Absolutely, positively, yes.

    Immigration has of course many pros AND cons, but in my opinion I think that restrictions of too lacking. Immigrant son help keep the economy going, that’s true, but Americans should be doing that. At this rate, Americans are getting lazier and lazier, we need to be working to get our own economy in shape. It’s our responsibility as Americans to take care of our country. It’s not a Mexicans job to keep the American economy rolling, it’s ours.

  • Jesus Christ yes

    CRIME RATE IS UP. Illegal drunk driers kill 13! Legal Americans everyday. Rape has increased by 40% Our country is too easy to get into thats why trump wants to increase the security but yet people call him racist for that. They bring in a lot of drugs. Take your parents tax money (yes im a kid and i know more than some adults.) Take our jobs that hurts the poor

  • No Assimilation Required

    Copy and paste directly from the Center for Immigration Studies:
    Incomplete Record-Keeping: Immigrant crime also may be underestimated because local law enforcement officials do not keep records on the national origin of the perpetrator. In Dana Point, an affluent Orange County, Calif., coastal community experiencing a wave of immigrant-related crime, a sheriff's officer noted that in a recent year that suburb had three murders, three rapes, 232 vehicle burglaries, 181 residential burglaries, and 108 commercial burglaries. Asked whether he had an ethnic breakdown on these numbers, he replied, "We won't touch that."37

  • They take jobs.

    They take away more than 50% of the jobs that we have and that makes us search for jobs that we specialise in. This means that without them we would have much better work and a much cleaner and spread out area to live in when there are less people.

  • Mass Imigration is Bad

    The more immigrants we have, the higher crime rate we have. If illegals are escaping their economically-disastrous third world country into the United States of America, they are there without anyone else knowing. They know not any better of the customs and beliefs of Americans. It as well creates problems with space for them to live.

  • Totally distorted debate

    Both sides of this debate misleadingly trot out extreme examples to support their case. One side has anecdotes about immigrants who became billionaire business moguls, falsely suggesting that all (many?) of our millions of immigrants will perform similarly. The other side has anecdotes about immigrants who murder and steal, falsely implying that all (most?) immigrants are a bad lot that should be barred from the US. Arguing through anecdote is rubbish.

    Many studies have attempted to quantify the actual economic impact of immigration in terms of things like tax revenue, social expenses (health care, education, welfare), economic productivity, job market. Collectively they suggest that there is an overall positive impact - but more importantly, not extremely positive or extremely negative. I believe the US economy would thrive either with or without current immigration patterns. So I don't think the economic aspects of immigration should drive the debate.

    Over and over, people argue that the country was 1) built through immigration, and 2) therefore we should continue generous immigration practice. #2 might actually be a good idea - if it ain't broke, don't fix it - but it could also be wrong. It certainly doesn't logically follow #1. We should do what's best for us right now, not just knee-jerk continue what we've done in the past, out of habit or tradition. There is no fundamental obligation to do this.

    The toughest, most painful part of the immigration debate is the moral aspect. Is it a good thing for fortunate, lucky people to help out their brothers and sisters who are suffering and desperate? Of course it is. Does that automatically equate to allowing uncontrolled (or loosely controlled) immigration to the US? In my opinion the answer is No. Immigration to the US is not the panacea to the world's problems. Some people might think they're doing humanity a big favor by supporting liberal immigration policy. If they're really serious about helping out their brothers and sisters in need, maybe they should consider donating some of their money to worthy NGO's who are working hard to improve the world, or themselves do some actual work for these organizations. Not just lip service on the internet, in the cafe, or in the ivory tower.

    But, these genuinely admirable efforts improve the world work at a grindingly slow pace. They're certainly not going to help any suffering, desperate person who arrives at our border right here, right now. I believe that morally, that person should not be turned away.

  • Protect Our Country

    We have been letting in immigrants that seem to have no desire to assimilate to our culture. They instead want us to change how we do things, that is not okay. Sharia law is far from being okay. Not only is our culture in danger, but our very lives are as well. Whenever immigrants from Muslim countries are allowed in large numbers, the country in question sees a dramatic increase in rapes, thefts, murders, etc. Put our country, our people, first.

  • And here's why

    Immigration is not the problem. It's illegal immigration that we must be concerned about. We don't need to focus on restricting immigrants coming in, but rather, keeping those who by-pass the screening, documentation, and legalization of moving into America out of the United States until proper authorization has taken place.

  • No because I said so

    Imagine if you were the immigrants, They are nice people. Immigrants built our country you shouldn't be judged from were you came from. But were you will go and who you are. Immigration should not be restricted. They are apart of the economy. They help us. Immigrants should not be restricted.

  • There should not be a limit because they help us build this state and many more

    They are nice people even my neighbors are immigrants there is allot of immigrants in the U.S if they send them away then we wont grow this is what allot of people don't see its sad. I believe that immigrants have the right to stay morally speaking and signing off.

  • Immigrants support the economy.

    Lots of new jobs are created by immigrants. They create many more jobs than they actually steal. They are twice as likely to actually start a small business and create thousands of jobs for Americans. In addition, a lot of immigrants take jobs that Americans do not even want. Also, even if you still are pretty anti-immigrant, increasing restrictions will only increase the amount of legal and illegal immigrants. This is due to a phenomenon called circular flow. With these restrictions, immigrants who come in will not go out because they can be let back in again. This means that more of them will stay in the country they immigrated too. When the Reagan, Bush, and Clinton administrations increased restrictions, the amount of immigrants residing in the U.S actually increased.

  • No restrictions on immigrants

    I believe we shouldn't have any restrictions on immigrants, they come here for a better life for them and there family. They had a very hard time from where they came from and a very hard time to get to the united states, why would you want to take them back from where they came from after they went through all that trouble?

  • We came as immigrants

    The only people this does not apply to is the native Americans, but most of us in our ancestors has come here and we need to support the rest of the people coming here. And it isn't the person's fault if they are in a terrible leaving condition and are here because it is needed for their well-being.

  • We don't need more restrictions on immigration

    I do not think we should have any restrictions on immigration. The people that are immigrating to America are just trying for a better life and a better life for their family. As long as the people that are immigrating are getting jobs and not milking the system, we don't need restrictions.

  • There should not be any restrictions on immigrants

    They come here from a hard life in another country and seek refuge here I the states. We shouldn't hold back on them just because their not from here. Wouldn't you want the same treatment if its was you? Not many immigrants are terrorist, you know. You should think about it.

  • What about if something happens to you family.

    A black man could be married to a white woman or a black woman can be married to a white man or what ever color you are you are still splitting a family apart it is NOT! Fair it is just NOT! And that is why I do NOT! A prove.

  • There should not be a limit on immigrantIon Because what if something bad happen or there is a wedding.

    If something raily bad happen's ther ment be a finally what about if some thing raily good happen's like a baby was born so there should not have a limit on immigrant if inthing of this thing happen's maby someone want's to vist there family mebber there is a onther reason.

  • Right to migrate

    Human beings are born on earth alike god does not give any one of us the right to choose our parents or our country or anything else so If a child is born in Afghanistan does it means that he has no right to live like a child who is born in USA? And is it really his fault that he is born in Afghanistan?
    Every human being should be treated as equal and should be given the right to migrate because he deserves it

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