Do we need more security at public sporting events?

  • Due to the people that hire the wrong people because they are cheaper to have around.

    If your going to hire someone at a sporting event hire someone who actually knows what he or she is doing. According to KDVR there are major holes in the security system, such as: about 350 if not more security personal, in Florida alone, were revoked due to criminal behaviors. The people that hired these people to begin with could rehire the same person in one year and often times they did.

  • Increased Security at Public Sporting Events is Important!

    Increased security at public sporting events is very important, especially after the tragedy at the boston marathon. Because of their size and large crowds in attendance at these events, they are particularly susceptible targets for devastating events. Greater security would be positive for everyone involved and greatly decrease the odds of terrible things happening again.

  • Yes we do.

    Yes, I think that we need more security at public sporting events. Big events are usually the setting for something terrible to happen, such as what happened this week at the Boston Marathon. I think that increasing the amount of security at sporting events would be a very wise decision.

  • Please **** no.

    "Homeland security has received 791 billion dollars" since 2001. I personally would rather have 2500 dollars in my pocket right now than being 0.000001% more safe, ya know?. Security expenditures have gotten way out of hand and we aren't really that much safer.. Think of this as a decreasing exponential curve.. At one point, no matter how much money you throw at it, it's just not going to get much better anymore.

  • No, we don't need more security.

    Sporting events are not the only target for terrorists. Of course, schools, airports and places of politics and business have been targeted in the past. How about movie theaters and shopping malls? Where ever a large crowd of people gathers, it could be a target. Security is important, and it's best to have strong security, but metal detectors should not be the norm. We shouldn't have to give up so much freedom just because we are scared.

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