Do we need more superhero/villain rpg games?

Asked by: BigMikeC
  • More superhero RPG's would be good

    I personally love playing rpg games, I mean I have all the mass effect games and a few of the dragon age games as well, not to mention star wars and that's just to name a few. This said most rpg video games these days are fantasy or sci-fi themed and I think it would refreshing to have an original superhero based video that allows you to create your own character and give him/her their own skills and powers.

  • We should have more superhero's that are based in new histories and fantasy like a movies

    I really like to play games more based in old games with a new still that represent both times, like a medieval time and soldiers something based in war. The people like dragons or battles in the war like almost all the people can play these type of games. In other point of view now the games become more aggressive changing the maid of the kids in real life a suggest something interesting and new for all players around the world.

  • We need more superhero based rpgs

    I really enjoy playing rpg games like mass effect, Jedi academy, dragon age and so forth. But yet when it comes to these games they release them in sci-fi and fantasy themed worlds but few are done in the whole superhero themed worlds and plots. It would be so refreshing to play a game online with others or just by myself where you create your own super powered character and go kick ass, all the while being given choices which turns you into a super-hero or villain.

  • Why do dumb people think they need to make other people dumb

    The games are always so predictable. I would way rather play through a story that is brand new. The problem with hero games is that we already know the ending based off the comics. People need to let go of the plotlines that have already run their course and just make a new idea for Christ's sake.

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