• We need more sustainable schools.

    It's important that schools are able to be self-sufficient and efficient. Schools are an expense to the tax payer, and they need to benefit society and give something back. It's important for schools to be economical, or, in the long run, they will not be able to continue to function.

  • Yes we need sustainable schools

    It is important to have sustainable schools because to meet the needs of human beings without preventing future generation example: Money and Recycling and that is what sustainability means.

    How can we make schools sustainable?
    By using sustainable transport,by eating sustainable food,by making sure we off lights and other appliances and that is why i think it is important for schools to be more sustainable.

  • Sustainability is a good thing.

    Sustainability is almost always a good thing, not just with regards to education. If anything, we could be using the school budget to teach more skills that will aid students throughout their lives. I'm not detracting from literature or math or whatnot, but we could also be teaching law, agriculture, certain life skills like balancing a checkbook, those sorts of things.

  • I say yes.

    I don't think that is any argument to be made that we should strive to have unsustainable or wasteful schools in our society. We as Americans value efficiency and spending as little as possible as well as getting the most bang for our buck. Schools should not be any different in this way.

  • Yes, we need more sustainable schools.

    In today's society, everything is going green. We are trying to teach people to recycle, not to use plastic, only bags. It is important to start when children are young. I think it should be made a regular course. We need to start saving our earth and resources now, before it is too late.

  • Yes, it is better for the environment.

    Yes, we need more sustainable schools. It is important that all future generations are educated on how important preserving our environment is. Without this education, the future of our planet could be in great jeopardy. Educating children at a young age on the importance of sustainability gives the planet a greater chance of surviving for a longer period of time.

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    Thank you

  • Now is not the time.

    While promoting schools that are better for the environment is a noble goal, we have to face reality. As of now, too much of school budgets are already going towards construction, and not enough to students. The American school system is going to need a lot more than just solar energy to fix what's wrong, and we only have so much money to work with.

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