• YES we do!

    I think more tax breaks would be amazing. I certainly could use some! I have so many bills and things to pay it is ridiculous. I could use those tax breaks towards starting a life with my kids, vs chilling in my mom's basement while I scrape pennies together to pay bills.

  • As a taxpayer, I say YES!

    I think we, as Americans, do deserve and should receive more tax breaks, as opposed to the business. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand it's the businesses and corporations that help keep things afloat, but I still think giving individuals a higher tax break could lead to a more positive moral.

  • The US Tax Code does need to provide more breaks for individuals.

    The US Tax Code is full of breaks that benefit businesses, large and small. It is time that the code is rewritten to provide some tax relief to the individual tax payers. Individuals should get the mileage rates for charity use of their private vehicles that business enjoy for the business use of a personal vehicle in a business setting.

  • Individuals need tax breaks

    Many people run their own small business or freelance as a side line which stops people from being on benefits, but many have to set up their own company to get any tax breaks. More people would be encouraged to work from home and do other jobs if they had tax breaks, without the cost of setting up a company and all the paperwork that goes with it.

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