• Compliment what you already have

    If you have a team of engineers that all attended Ivy league schools, completed the same professional accreditations and have the same interests, you are going to have a team of similar minded people. To create, innovative and enable positive change you need a diverse workforce with new ideas. Gender diversity is fundamental to this

  • Yes we do!

    Religion is the seed of gender stereotypes. Skill, not Strength! Sexist men have no respect for women simply most of them are physically weaker. More women toady are stronger than men. Opression may have hurt us in the past, but we got stronger! Keep putting us down! We will rise back up as a stronger person! Sexism goes BOTH ways for all you ignorant women and men!

  • Yes, if they want.

    Many women enjoy and are good at technology, so why not? I do not believe we specifically need women to join for any reason other than if they want to though. It does not matter if you are a male or a female as long as you are good at what you do and enjoy it that's all that counts.

  • More women would be good for tech industry.

    Yes, I think that we need more women in the tech industry. There are many women out there who are very good with technology and who would work very well in the technology industry. I think that it would be good to see more gender equality in this particular sphere.

  • No, it doesn't matter.

    It's not important how many of who we have, it could be 100% white male, or 100% black women. Are they right for the job? It's about merit and skill, not gender. If not one girl is good at tech, not one girl should be hired.If she's good at tech, hire her, if not, don't. That's that. If you don't like it, teach more girls and more will get hired. We don't "need more of anything" in the industry but skill.

  • Why Do We Necessarily Need More Women in the Tech Industry?

    This sounds like just another affirmative action argument for the sake of having an argument. Do I think we need more women in the Tech Industry, or any other venue for that matter, just for the sake of having more females working in the venue? No. Absolutely not. We have taken this affirmative action, both gender and racially based, far to far, and it is now throwing the fair and competitive nature of the working environment unnecessarily out of balance, just for the benefit of equality. If a woman is more suited and better qualified for the job, then give it to her. If not, then give it to the male.

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