• Yes, We Do.

    It's religion that makes incest, homosexuality, bestiality, and all the like not allowed. What is morality without religion? It's science.

    Facts About Morality Without Religion:

    It's okay for me to have sex with my sister, daughter or mother if she is of age, it's consensual, we're using protection and no one is being harmed.

    It's okay to have sex with my dog, because she's in heat and I've trained her to be sexual with humans. It's consensual because she wants it and she is of age for her species.

    It's okay for me to freeze my dead wife's body and have sex with it, because she said so in her will, therefore making it consensual.

    Why can't I crap or piss in my wife's mouth when she wants it and loves it, as do I?

    And much more;

    Rebuttal to those who disagree:

    In all technicality, without religion, there is no grounded morality which tells me I can't do the above-mentioned things. As you could see, it was all consensual, and no human or animal rights were being impeded on. So who are you to judge if I partake in such things? Why are such things illegal? Because of majority opinion? What of the majority opinion on homosexuality?

  • Yes, it's one of the most undermined things in the world.

    I'm a strong believer in God. I have so much faith in Jesus & it's this faith that keeps me going. For other people it's other type of faith that keeps them going. A hope.
    To those who think that we don't need religion and that it was a man made lie then you need to understand that it's this man made lie that keeps humanity going. Whilst you're not there to comfort me when I'm upset, my faith is. All around the world, people are going through the toughest battles in their lives with their head high and hope because of the faith/religion that they believe in. So you can't say that religion is not needed.

  • We do need religion!

    Religion has been a fundamental part of our civilisation for thousands if years. It is both true, in my opinion, and gives people hope for the future. What does atheism promise? Nothing but a meaningless life followed by death.

    Religion is also the embodiment of free speech. In a society where we promote free speech and human rights, how can we take away the faith of others, regardless of our own feelings.

    And finally, religion is a force for good. Without religion we would have no charity, no missionary work and no morals to base our lives upon. All that would be left would be a world corrupted by selfishness, hate and anarchy and every person who denies religion brings us a step closer to that dark world.

  • Yes, Of Course

    Yes without religion there is supposed to be no aim in life. I am alhumdulillah a muslim and i personally believe that inshahllah Islam will rule the world and may Allah help us.Bless all muslims and show us the right path. Islam is the most truthful religion in the world and the quran, the only book that is not altered because Allah took the responsibility of its protection from this evil world.
    So yes! Religion is actually the most important thing in the world. Because on the day of jugdement when Allah will reward us or punish us on account of our deeds the non muslims will be burning in hell while us muslims, will right their where we deserve to be , HEAVEN.
    So may Allah Bless all muslims....

  • Yes, it is helpful

    Religion is necessary for our society because it is beneficial to a lot of people. Even for those who don't believe in it, they can't deny the fact that many religious teach people values as well as help out needy people in the community. It also provides comfort for many people in times of need.

  • Yes there should be

    Yes we should have religion,even though some religions have been involved in murders and genocide. People should have the choice to worship a God of their choosing. It is a free world and we can do whatever we can and believe in whatever we want to believe in. So There should be religion in the world.

  • It Gives People Hope

    Sounds like a very stupid reason, but many people feel lost and scared in such a big world. Having a seemingly organized and "logical" way of explaining it for them can comfort people. It's not really promoting ignorance (except in an extreme case) but more about protecting weaker peoples' psyches. Some "can't handle the truth" that say atheists tout that no, you won't see your loved ones ever again, this suffering is not worth anything, and you will not be rewarded for being a virtuous person in this life. Some need such motivation in order to continue on living once struck by tragedy after tragedy. Who are we to take it from them? It's more humanitarian than anything else. Plus, many good things have been done in the name of religion, such as the Progressive movement of the early 1900s by the Protestant Church, or missionary work. Though that doesn't justify becoming a "zombie" to said religion, as long as the person feels content with their life, what's the harm?

  • Religion gives people out there hope and morals.

    Some people need something to fall back on. I'm religious and I can't stand the thought of there being no afterlife and us just being... Gone. I refuse to believe it, and religion backs me up. And if we never had religion, people would be heartless and part of the animal kingdom. We'd eat the smaller people and kill with our bare hands. Without religion, most people would think this is okay because "Hey, no punishment, right?" People wouldn't think right from wrong.

  • Yes we do

    Its important for people to have something to believe in and to have a purpose in life rather than doing something without knowing the reason. Religion brings people together and keep the peace and harmony in a society. It also shows us that all humans are alive because they strive to be in the hereafter, in heaven

  • Why not believe

    Religion teaches us right and wrong. It has morals and values. It gives you moral accountability, ethics, self sufficiency. It leads to understanding to what science can not answer. It doesn't matter what religion you may believe in. Religion in general is better for all of us on earth. We have done so well with region, that without it the world would just turn into chaos.

  • Religion has caused too much trouble

    You never see people killing out of Atheism. The majority of the worlds wars happen because of religion. Religion is just for weak people who can't stand the thought of their loved ones being dead and gone without having an after life. The universe does not owe people hope, and we should not be saying that people need religion because it gives them hope.

  • All Religions are Superstitious Nonsense

    Religions are responsible for perpetuating ignorance and superstitious beliefs; and for murdering millions in the name of God.

    Even the USA is full of religious fanatics that are still living in the dark ages. Some religions are potentially very dangerous, e.G., Islam, especially in the Middle East and South Asia with the Al-Qaeda. Very backward people who could erupt at any second, and some live in countries with nuclear bombs. How civilized is a religion that still stones women and makes them cover their faces and body and arranges marriages.

    Religion will probably destroy the world.

    The only hope is too teach all children that religions are nonsense, and made-up, created by man; and that the only world that exists is the the one they are in; the one they can experience by the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. The children need to be taught that man created God, Heaven, Hades, angels, miracles, the Devil, etc. And that they are not real; just fairy tales.

    They need to be taught that the only thing they should believe in is what can be proven through scientific methods and empirical evidence.

  • No we don't.

    Believing in a higher power is nothing wrote, but there are people who are using religion to make them automatically a good person, when they do awful acts that are hurtful and harmful, but they hide through behind the wall of religion to make it automatically okay. Each person has the right to believe in whatever they please, but when it gives you a reason to harm, that is not okay. Why can't we just believe in humanity? Or just being nice and awesome just for the sake of morality?

  • We don't need religion in any sense.

    Some say that religion provides a sense of purpose-

    So does giving all you can to the world before you die- even if there is no heaven.

    Some say that religion provides morality-

    No. Religion hijacks morality. Morality comes from the human condition and logic.

    Some say that religion prevents evil-

    Some of the most atrocious wars and crimes ever committed were done in the name of religion.

    A world without religion would be a world:

    With the twin towers standing.
    With the future seemingly existing in the present.
    With complete cultural openness.
    Without the invasions of Africa.
    Without the violence between the early Europian Countries.
    Without the atrocities and scandals of the Roman Catholic Church.

  • Religion is Founded on a Lie

    We clearly do not need religion. Religions advocate incredulity and are a direct impediment to scientific understanding. Religion is the cause of most wars and, of course, extremist and fundamentalists attacks on free society. It also attempts to have it's nonsense promulgated in public schools, even though the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution states with absolutely terrific clarity: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion". This country (United States) was not founded on religious principles, it was founded on secular ones. Religion is also allied to racism, homophobia, bigotry, sexism, and child abuse, among other inequities this world faces. It is utterly superfluous simply because millions of nonbelievers live decent, moral lives without it. Religion is what makes morally normal people behave rather reprehensibly. This is because it often preaches evil and wicked statements, for example, religion is founded on a lie: the lie that we can live life after death. I say we emancipate ourselves from this incredulous and superstitious nonsense, and, at least, attempt to reach our true potential as humans and as primates.

  • We do not need religion.

    Believing in a supreme being is a waste of time. Other than going to church, temples, or mosques, you could be doing better things to benefit your life financially and/or educationally. I also think that the world would be more peaceful without religion considering that wars and genocides always have to relate with a certain belief. I know that religions are supposed to give you a sense of hope, but where's the hope if there are people dying for unnecessary reasons? If anything, you should only believe in yourself.

  • Strong points made against religion.

    Many people believe religion is essential to life and others believe it is an outdated hindrance to society. Those of us who believe that religion is a hindrance are fewer in number. Atheists and agnostics are a minority in almost every country across the globe. Does that answer the question at hand? NO.
    Here are a few of the strong points made against religion.
    Do we need religion? A small amount of people renounce religion all together. These people believe religion is completely unnecessary and is no longer needed to fill the void that science filled. Religion once had a role in explaining where the world came from and how human beings came to be. Science has replaced this idea of a creator with evolution and the Big Bang. Many people who frown upon religion feel as though it has caused more harm and trouble than it's worth. For those who argue religion gives a sense of purpose, atheists argue that giving all you can to the word before you die gives more purpose. The majority say that religion prevents evil, yet some of the most atrocious wars and crimes have been committed in the name of religion.

  • Absolutely, positively not.

    Religion is in no way necessary for either our survival or our advancement as a civilisation. We are now living in a time where science has overtaken the few benefits religion once had. Religion once had a purpose in 'explaining' where the universe came from and how humans came to be. Science has since replaced the idea of a creator with the big bang, and the Adam and Eve myth with evolution. Believers remain skeptic to these scientific theories, however these theories are as logically sound as the theory of gravity. Anyone who disagrees is welcome to jump off the roof of a ten-storey building (thanks to Richard Dawkins for that one). Religion once served a purpose, however it no longer does.

  • No We Don't

    Religion is an outdated concept that currently does more harm than good. Of course, it is dangerous to lump all denominations of all religions together, but I feel confident in doing so because there is little or nothing that can be done by any religion that cannot be done by secular means, essentially making religions irrelevant.

  • Of Course Not.

    This may be bold but, if the Jews didn't have religion during World War 2, they probably wouldn't have died. Now now, I know that people will most likely be outraged and say that that only happened because Hitler didn't have a religion. Well, the amount of people that he killed is minuscule compared to how many people died fighting others because of religion, think of the middle ages, the crusades, the fighting over who had the right to worship god, and all of that. So all in all, religion causes more deaths. Plus if everyone didn't have a religion, it would be one less thing that we can discriminate people for. Plus, atheists nowadays don't have religion. Look how good they are doing. We have proof that we don't need religion to survive.

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leojm says2013-05-11T20:06:18.273
We need religion, without religion this world would be in total destruction. I mean everybody got their own religion. I believe everybody also should respect what other people believe in. Do not criticize people for their beliefs.
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-11T20:06:58.447
I am disappointed that this question has a "yes" majority.
leojm says2013-05-11T20:08:57.410
x2MuzioPlayer says2013-05-12T00:29:43.717
@leojm- Morality does not come from religion. Meaning to life does not come from religion. Love does not come from religion. Knowledge of the Universe does not come from religion. There is no good thing that religion has uniquely brought to the world. However, many wars throughout history and many wars today are fought specifically over conflicting religions.
Quan says2013-06-10T01:36:31.150
Some do, some don't. There seems to be a trend towards eliminating religion, though. There are increasing numbers of non-religious people. There are also increasing numbers of "religious" people who cherry-pick which scripture they wish to follow (e.G. "Christians" who have sex out of wedlock).
Rhett_Butler says2013-06-10T07:08:36.440
I can say this for sure: If God is real, we're ALL screwed.
makhdoom5 says2013-12-02T15:31:05.360
It seems and it proves fact that this website is atheist dominant.
stephannoi says2015-06-25T11:51:25.713
the majority devote for no " 63%"
Could you actually read the percentage?
makhdoom5 says2016-06-20T22:18:28.980
This website is still atheists dominant. ;}
makhdoom5 says2016-06-20T22:18:40.507
This website is still atheists dominant. ;}