• Yes, academics are a dying art.

    Yes, we need more scholars, and less dollars, because academics are not as popular among young people as they used to be. Children imitate modern pop stars more and more, when they ought to be imitating people who accomplish things with their minds. Children should imitate scholars, not try to make money quickly in the entertainment industry.

  • Scholars & Dollars Required

    I believe we need both scholars and dollars. Education is a powerful think, however a scholar (in this day and age) isn't going to do much teaching without someone lining his pockets, even if it's just a little bit. Education requires both excellent and thought provoking teachers and the cash to fund those teachers. Without both, you lose out.

  • No, we need both scholars and dollars.

    Scholars have played a large part in the development of everything in our society today. At the same time we need dollars because they are the driving force behind how we live our lives today. This is why it is in my opinion that we strongly need both scholars and dollars.

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