• They don't hurt!

    In my opinion, School uniforms aren't so bad! Here's why:
    1. School uniforms look great! Seeing a group of students in uniform gives an impression that they are focused on education and are generally, Well, Smarter! Imagine a visit to the Queen of England. Which group of kids would be more presentable: a group in uniform, Or a group in ripped jeans and hoodies?
    2. It's so much easier to get ready in the morning. It's really nice to not have to think about what to wear and just slip on a uniform nice and easy. It's especially great for teenagers when they're tired in the morning.
    3. It's fun to dress formally. In my opinion, I enjoy wearing ties and collars and blazers. It's just fun. I can't explain it, Really.
    4. Less crime! It's easier to spot a robber or murderer in a crowd of uniformed kids than in a group of kids in regular clothes.
    5. It's better for little kids when they get lost. On field trips for example, It is easier for a kid when they get lost when they are wearing a uniform with a school badge on it. Members of the public would know where to return them too.
    6. Less cost in the long run. Let's say you need at least 15 different outfits if you don't have a uniform, So you can switch it up a bit. With uniforms, There is no need to switch it up at all. Having a uniform means you don't need as much regular clothes, Meaning. . . LESS COST!
    7. Promotes equality among students. Although uniforms suppress individuality, There is an upside to this. It creates less of a hierarchy based on wealth. It means that having a Gucci shirt does not make you more popular or smarter than everyone else. Besides, There is always some room for individuality in a uniform, To some extent.
    8. Creates a hierarchy and greater sense of respect. In many uniformed schools, There is a hierarchy of respect based on age, Academic achievement, Etc. This is commonly communicated through ties, Badges, Or other uniform articles. These things teach students to respect those who are higher than them, Like older students, Teachers, And prefects.
    9. It prepares students for the real world. Students in uniform learn more about the world out there. I know what you're thinking: "Very few jobs have strict uniforms nowadays! " But, This is not the only thing it teaches. For example, It teaches students to dress for success. For many jobs in offices, Meeting rooms, Etc, There is a required dress code. Exposing students to a formal environment teaches them to adhere to these dress codes in adulthood. Secondly, Uniforms teach respect for managers, Bosses, Etc, Through hierarchy of respect. Uniforms also teach students to like one another for what's on the inside!

    Overall, I think uniforms are great. The only complain I have about them is the requirement of skirts for girls. Thankfully, This is being solved.

  • Uniforms aren't that bad.

    Maybe it's just me but, I feel like uniforms help to discipline kids and focus them in their studies, More than what they look like and what people could think about their clothes.
    Also, I might be wrong but some kids are rude with others because of their appareances, And perhaps some of them feel superior. Do you really want kids to be worried everyday about what people say? I don't think so.
    We could look at this from a different pesfective: In this case, My experience dealing with my classmates, Wich was unpleaseant because the would reject me 'cause I don't used to dress like them. But anyways. . .
    Now I would like to know, What's your take on this?

  • School Uniforms are helpful to bring consistency in appearance consequently to avoid lookism.

    In my opinion it is very important to make children focus on academics rather than one each other appearance and get distracted. Schools to focus to bring children from different cultures and family background together and learn together as a whole and from each other. When something irrelevant like appearance will come in picture, Students will loose their focus and may route toward wrong path of unnecessary competition and groupism. Therefore, Making then look similar is important to keep such negative things away from this tender age folks.

  • No, No, And no.

    School uniforms prevent students from expressing themselves. Some may say that school uniforms would prevent bullies from making fun of how their classmates look, But here's what I have to say about that.

    If you're too sensitive to take someone making fun of how you look, You can just be a sheep and buy the latest Nikes or Adidas. There's no need for schools to ruin it for the people who actually can handle being made fun of.

    Plus, Bullies could say that their classmates have ugly faces or say that their classmates have mediocre interests, So requiring students to wear school uniforms isn't going to help.

  • Because kids should be able to wear what they want

    They don't need to be like every one else they should be free what to wear. I am only 10 but we have rights and the can't just say that we can't wear whatever we want. This is our body and they don't justt get to say oh wear this and wear that so i think that they shouldnt and they should be able to wear whatever they want.

  • Fascist and Fetishist

    Many want to be choreographers. Few make it at the ballet. . .
    Some go on to become army officers to turn lots of volunteers in parade uniforms into a primitive ballet of their own. Some find that too tough and become school teachers. Some just vote 'yes' and delight in the oppression of children. If you want discipline, Hire a dominatrix.
    Schools are bad enough as they are, Even without uniforms.

  • Cause it ugly

    Like. . . . It doesn't stop bullying so it's doing nothing. Kids are getting bullied more at uniformed school than regular schools because teachers at uniformed schools care less. It's useless and at money waster. Not to mention it's really misleading and can cause more 'lookism'. Geez trust kids to dress themselves and develop their own sense of identity

  • School uniforms should be banned!

    We don't need school uniforms! For instance if the child is playing on the oval and they are wearing a uniform how would the parent or teacher know who it is because they all look the same! Plus do you know how expensive they are? What if your parents can't afford any of the uniforms and their child needs to go to school what do they do? Think about that!

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