• Yes, security camera helps the public.

    Security camera helps the public in a lot of ways. It helps with tax collection for toll roads. It also helps prevent red light crashes due to traffic enforcement of intersections. These cameras also help to identify criminals and put them behind bars so that they cannot endanger the public anymore. Alots of security camera is approved by Government.
    Maybe, the following link can give an idea of the subject:

  • I'm in the middle but yes

    We know that invading someone personal space or privacy can make it possible for the invader to get a fine,be sued or possibly jail. From my point of view, it's good that we have these cameras to look at places from a far distance and would be helpful to FBI cases etc.. In the camera's owner point of view or by the Government's point of view in light terms. It is the same reason but tied with topics that deal with blackmail,spying or invading one's privacy. But still the majority of my conscience would say yes

  • Everywhere? No, we don't.

    If what you meant by everywhere is including our private spaces. No. How can you move freely if you know that there's someone watching and recording every move you make?

    Sure it would probably solve or prevent more crimes, but are we really gonna be happy with this? This would actually put everyone in chains. It would feel like you're a prisoner.

    Would you be happy if someone is watching you 24/7 including your private time with your partner? No. This would make our private lives like a TV show or something.

    What if someone gets a hold of the recorded footage of yourself and blackmails you with it?

    In my opinion, it would do more bad than good.

  • Violates the doctrine of the mean.

    'Almost everywhere' is why I am against this. There has to be a limit. You cannot have zero monitoring in society, but at the same time, you cannot have too much of it.

    First and most obvious reason is the cost. All those cameras incur huge costs, not just initial installation but also maintenance costs. Surveillance cameras are electronic. They aren't cheap.

    Secondly, to put in so much government money into surveillance is putting the cart before the horse. We need an education system that instills virtue in children, such that they become superior men who are watchful of themselves when they are alone.

    'What is meant by "making the thoughts sincere." is the allowing no self-deception, as when we hate a bad smell, and as when we love what is beautiful. This is called self-enjoyment. Therefore, the superior man must be watchful over himself when he is alone. There is no evil to which the mean man, dwelling retired, will not proceed, but when he sees a superior man, he instantly tries to disguise himself, concealing his evil, and displaying what is good. The other beholds him, as if he saw his heart and reins;-of what use is his disguise? This is an instance of the saying -"What truly is within will be manifested without." Therefore, the superior man must be watchful over himself when he is alone.' (Great Learning 3)

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