• Yes, we need software patents.

    There are people out there that enjoy working on software code. They will even do it for free and help develop open source software for the world to use. Unfortunately, there are not enough of these people in the world to supply us with all of the software that we need. What's more, many of these people are only able to work for free on open source software because someone is paying them to do other work on patentable software. Software patents are necessary to continue technological progress.

  • Patents Help the Inventor

    Patents are important for the software industry. It prevents others from copying your ideas and makes sure no one is stealing and making profitable something you worked hard to create. Just like copyrights for books, patents are a viable warrant to protect software creators just as authors are protected. Patents are a good thing!

  • Yes we do

    Yes there should be so that Companies like Apple and Samsung can't say well they copied my software product and such. Which we all know someone who has an idea and that they should patent it but it just doesn't happen all of the time. Which is kind of sad.

  • Of Course We Do

    I believe we do need software patents. We patent everything else, including songs and movie scripts, so why not software. It seems only fitting that people should be able to protect their creations for a short while so they can profit from them. Without these patents people are free to steal or borrow whatever they want.

  • Patents cause restriction and the development of new technologies

    Sure patents make sure that nobody copies my idea but it doesnt help someone how would like to make a better version of my product.
    I have to wait until the patent is invalidated so that I can continue researching designs that have been based on the patented design.
    I may even infringe on patent without evening knowing because many times patents are written so that if you even make something close to the product you are in violation

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