• A life need

    The sport is one of the life basics we can't live without it, for example, the people of the old ages use to run miles to hunt their food and if they didn't survive we won't be living right now, so think of the sport as if it is one of the life basics.
    Sports are important because they allow members of society to see the way that following rules can lead to a victory, and they also give people the opportunity to compete against each other in a low-tension environment. Sports can be an outlet for people when they are dealing with aggression, but they can also be an instrument for people who need to have structure in their lives, Sports combine the elements of physical fitness, competition and the ability to win at something when all of the regulations are followed. People who play sports can expect to be physically challenged by the demands that the sports put on them. They can expect to run and jump while getting aerobic exercise. They also expect a certain level of healthy competition. This is important for people who want to win at things; they need to understand how a traditional competition works. Sports are made up of various rules and regulations. Players and coaches are expected to follow these rules while umpires and referees are expected to enforce these rules at all times. The rules of the game make them more suspenseful and prevent one team from having an unfair advantage over the other team.

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  • Sports needed: Especially basketball

    Without basketball, I wouldn't be as healthy and would probably get more injuries. I play basketball and football and I skateboard. Playing multiple sports gets you to have less of chance of injury. Sports are important and when all my friends are glued to a screen, I just want to get away to play pickup football outside. My dream is to get to the NBA. I am working towards it, being a scoring machine where I play. Sports are important!!!

  • I do because.....

    It helps you keep fit and relieve stress.We are lucky to be able to play sport as there are some people that are in wheelchairs and can't walk.If you don't exercise it leads to problems in your body like heart disease,kinds of cancer,high blood pressure and so on.It helps you meet new people and helps you work as a team.Keep fit keep healthy!!

  • Of course we need sports

    Not only sports make you healthy, they can contribute to you social life. Chess is a sport which means that not only sports contribute to your social and physical life they also contribute with your brain. So In the end if one of you people does not want to exercise it will be bad for you even if you limit your food. I say yes

  • Should play sports

    Normally, I think people need and have to do it because if people don't do it, they will be fat and fat. Of cause it is not good for health.The food was changed so we can take high calorie and lots of fats. However we don't need lots calories and fats for our bodies. Thus, we should drop off the fats that just to play sports.

  • We should all play sport

    Everybody should play sport.
    1.You can get fit and healthy.
    2.You can make new friends.
    3.It is enjoyable as well and fun.
    This is why I reckon we should all play sport I hope everyone will agree with me or you are unfit and unhealthy.

    This is the end of my argument thanks for reading bye.

  • Panem et Circenses.

    Or, in English, "Bread and Circuses". Though I have never found sports the slightest bit appealing (how do people enjoy running around in a field all day? I'll never understand) they and the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry they have spawned are a useful tool for keeping the weak-willed masses distracted and out of politics.

  • Sports Are Crucial Activities to Human Life

    All sports have a positive impact on humans. For one, it helps people to get active and stay fit. It also is a great way to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Sports have also been around longer than we can remember, and are important to the human culture. Sporting activities are important, and sports players like me, and many more have fun doing that. And many people are employed in activities such as football, soccer, ice hockey, golf, basketball, etc. And they would be left in the poor house if they lost their jobs.

  • Sports are positive outlets

    Sports are very important elements of the majority of people's lifestyles. Fitness is important. With sports, people work their bodies in a positive way, and don't feel reluctant to do so. We all know that getting ourselves up to go to the gym may be hard, but playing a sport with people you enjoy to be around is just as healthy if not more. Not only do sports help our bodies stay healthy, sports provide us with a positive outlet of stress or energy in general. Without sports, our exercise may decline as our day-to-day stresses intensify.

  • Panem et Circenses.

    Or, in English, "Bread and Circuses". Though I have never found sports the slightest bit appealing (how do people enjoy running around in a field all day? I'll never understand) they and the multi-billion dollar entertainment industry they have spawned are a useful tool for keeping the weak-willed masses distracted and out of politics.

  • We do not need sports.

    Sports are not an important part of our culture. People can get exercise without competing and there are other forms of entertainment. In fact, too much attention is paid to sports and athletes. Sports do not really contribute to our society other than as an entertainment industry. They are really a superficial measure of a country.

  • Need, or want?

    Sports are not necessary for human survival. In ancient times, they were good for training; now, many people think they are entertaining and enjoy watching and participating, but they have no immediate bearing on the well-being of humanity. Personally, I don't understand the fascination with sports; they've always bored me to tears. But sports aren't going anywhere. They've been around for millennia, and they are here to stay, necessary or not.

  • Need is a very strong term.

    Do we need sports? I don't think we need sports. I think we need shelter, food and oxygen. But I think that we want sports. As a society, it's a great way to bring people together. I think that sports can be a really fun pastime for people who enjoy it.

  • Sport's are a complete and total waste of time!

    What good is it, unless you're a professional , it will never put a penny in your pocket or food on your table. You can't support yourself or a family, It's a complete waste of time and money! It should be banned world wide, people need to get a life and quit living vicariously through sports!

  • Maybe Something More Intellectual and Charitable?

    Sports do teach teamwork, competitive nature, and to accept that we don't always win, but the athletes can become too attached to something that is designed to merely promote exercise and the lessons listed. The people who revolve around sports have been known to induce conflict towards opposing fans, teams, or players. These fans of structured, overpaid, physical activity have gone way too far, creating professional franchises that ultimately fund megalomaniac, mindless, and self-interested behaviour. These arrogant jocks, who are commonly invested in sports, partake in selfish endeavours, becoming inevitably rooted in a take-no-prisoners mentality. Colleges that prioritize in sports have voluntarily let students cheat or will lower passing grades on their tests so that their student can compete to see how far they can throw a piece of inflated leather and cross a white line the most in order for the college to maintain the school's status quo as a "great school", according to athletic high school students who are investing in a college to "study" at. Why can't we make use of the thousands of acres of land that are devoted to the boneheaded, unstimulating nature of sports and build houses for the homeless instead? For example, sports such as golf take too much space to let some upper class, egocentric, white males hit a ball and find it again to pointlessly veer it into the corresponding hole. Other life-forms are going to think very highly of us...

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it keep your body heathy