Do we need street enforcers like Alonzo Harris on people like Michael Glazer?

Asked by: Adam2
  • "You want me to go back to Africa, right?"

    "Stand up, you. Stand the f--k up!" Glazer screams in fear. "Oh s--t, huh? Huh?" Glazer whines like a wimp. "Turn around sucka. So you like to f--k people over is that your memo, right? That's what you love to do isn't it?" Punches Glazer in the neck. "Don't lie to me, told me to 'go back to Africa, n****r,' right! Is that what you said to me? That what you said?" Glazer cries like a wimp, "So I'm a liar? I'm lying? Pull your pants down... I'll leave you one nut. Make a decision, make a decision. All right put your f--king head back. Put it back." Bam, Alonzo busts one of Glazer's nuts. "You lucky I got more pressing business. I kick your f--king a-- hard and shove my foot up that funky a-- of your's, p---k."

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