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    It is a proven fact, That more gun laws, Do not reduce gun violence! Look at Chicago, This US city, Has some of the strictest gun laws in the Country and there murders there, Are the highest of any city in the US! Why won't those for more gun laws ever talk about Chicago, St. Louis, MO. Boston and several more. . . . . When will the left wake up and realize this fact? !

  • No more guns into politics

    Enough is enough. I'm tired of this political nonsense. Making us the law abiding people "terrorists" in their agenda. Crimes are already in an all time low compared to 10 years ago. Why not enforce our current laws? An average gun crime would land you for years in jail, yet the average criminal does not do the time. Why make it harder for me to defend myself when the criminals don't even care about laws? Will the Government be there to save you when John Doe decides to break into your house? Not all of us can afford protection 24/7 around the clock like our politicians can. In fact they don't pay for it themselves, we the people do. Take away their security and I'm sure they would think otherwise. Politicians have security for their loved ones yet they question my right to defend mines. Let's not overlook our real problems of mental health care and our really pissed off people due to our beloved government taking from the poor and giving to the rich. I have the right to defend myself, my family and anyone else who's life be at risk, be it foreign or domestic. No laws will change the mindset of a killer with a gun. He/she will get a gun from anywhere including our own government ie "Operation Fast and Furious". There should be NO question about where or when I should be armed. They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

  • Question Too Broad

    Gun control varies from state to state, and from locality to locality. Some areas could benefit from stricter laws, while others are excessively strict. The federal government cannot make any laws regarding arms ownership according to the second amendment. There are laws in place already, restricting automatic gun ownership and manufacture, artillery, etc. however they are of questionable constitutionality. Yes, some areas need stricter gun laws, and others need looser laws. In general, gun use laws are more appropriate than gun ownership laws.

  • No more strict gun control laws!

    These laws are to be put in place because of criminals using guns to kill and injure people and groups. But, it's for criminals! They don't abide by the laws! They'll just find other ways to use their guns. And if there are stricter gun control laws, the law-abiding civilians will not have any guns to protect themselves and their family and will get killed (perhaps more frequently) if there are stricter gun control laws put in place. Now I know that if there ARE stricter gun control laws that people will just need background checks and take classes to be able to have a gun, but what about the people in the ghetto? Some of them didn't finish college or even go to college, or even finish high school for that matter! So those people wouldn't have enough money to go to classes, or even know how to take or might not even be eligible to take the classes.

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