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  • not at all

    no, we do not need to change any of the things that regulate how all of the radio statioins and internet web sites work. We all have the right to free speech, and we can say any thing that we want to with out getting into any type of trouble.

  • No, we do not need stricter laws on hate radio and internet.

    I do not believe that we need stricter laws regarding things like hate radio and hate internet. I think that even if we do not agree with the things being said on such mediums, we should understand that these people still have the right to say it and that it is a matter of free speech.

  • Regulations are not needed

    Stricter regulations on hate radio and internet are not needed. Government censorship is not needed and will cause a horrible loss of freedom for people. Censorship at any level, for any reason is never a good idea in a free society. That is what occurs in communist countries with no freedoms.

  • No, we don't.

    I am really starting to get sick and tired of restrictions and regulations and censorship and all of the garbage associated with it. It's like we are trying to create a perfect world by turning a blind eye to things that actually exist. Let it out there so people know what and who they are dealing with.

  • Yes, We Do

    I believe we do need stricter regulation on hate radio and Internet. For the most part I do not want to see a scenario where these people are censored, but I would like the inclusion of an adviser about the content of radio program or on the Internet website. It should be allowed but labeled for what it is.

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