• Yes we do.

    Yes, tighter online security is needed to prevent leaks of emails. There are so many hackers and online thieves out there just trying to wreak havoc. I don't know why they waste their energy on this, but they do. Because they're out there trying to steal information, it's important to keep sensitive information secured.

  • There should be tighter control over email communications.

    It is now becoming more and more unreliable to send emails as a form of communication, as they are increasingly becoming intercepted by a third party. If the emails contain sensitive or personal data, then this could be very damaging to both the sender and the recipient. Therefore, there should be tighter security regarding email communications.

  • Yes, tighter security is needed

    With all the important information being sent online, there definitely needs to be more security. There are national security concerns. There are concerns about the economy for if people don't trust digital banking and e-commerce, there will be major financial consequences. All this with simply the right to privacy, makes it essential that email be safe and secure.

  • Yes, tighter security is needed to prevent the leaking of emails.

    Yes, tighter security is needed to prevent the leaking of emails. While email links have alerted the public to egregious miscarriages of democracy such as the Democratic National Committee's interference in the 2016 Democratic party presidential primary, there are potentially dangerous consequences that may result from email leaks, including the exposure of security secrets.

  • Freedom of information.

    After all, isn't that what people want? They want to know everything about everyone with or without their consent or knowledge, so of course they expect the same. Right? After all, people are praising people who leak secrets so why would they get mad when their secrets are made public? Don't tell me their hypocrites.

    Obviously, the simple answer to the question is YES, but irrelevant. If you educate people to make it more secure, your also educating others to jeopardize that very security. I wouldn't doubt if some are selling to both sides.
    See, this is just what happens. It's the weapons race but on a virtual battlefield. They have stones, we build a wall wood walls. They make arrows to get over, we build a higher wall. They make guns to shoot through it, we stone walls. They make explosives to break the wall, we make even thicker walls. Eventually, this leads to both sides building weapons so powerful that we fear using them. Wonder what the computer version of that will be.

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