• The premise of an executive order is very vague currently

    An executive order while given to the president in the constitution doesn't have anything written to define what it truly is. The only limit is that it can only execute things allowed to the president. But because of the power of executive orders and the force of law that they hold there need to be restrictions. It is congress' job to create law, Not the job of the president. The president is only supposed to enforce not create documents that are very similar in nature to that of a law.

  • Yes: We need to Define and Restrict Executive Orders

    As much as it is nice to think that a sitting president can by-pass a gridlocked congress to get things done, the situation that we face is dire in terms of destabilization from corporate greed and climate change. Executive orders will not solve these entrenched problems, but rather will create a situation where the president assumes a more dictatorial role in the midst of social breakdown. This is a terrible situation that must not be allowed to manifest.

  • Obama uses them too much.

    Yes, we need to better define and restrict executive Orders, because Obama thinks he can just use them whenever he wants to. Obama went to all that trouble to sign the Affordable Care Act into law, but all he is doing is using executive orders to skirt around it, one company at a time.

  • Vague but not an issue

    While the limits of an executive order are very vague in nature they do not overstep constitutional power. Anything contained within an executive order must abide by the powers granted to the president by the constitution and when it does not agree, It can overwritten by congress or the judiciary.

  • No, Executive Orders are fine the way they are.

    I think that there is no need to define Executive Orders or restrict them. I think that they are fine the way that they are. I do not see anything wrong by having a public official have that much power to make a decision that may destroy the world or put it at war.

  • Just Need A Limit

    I do not believe we need to better define and restrict Executive Orders. I believe Obama has over used this tactic and it is clear that we need to restrict the number used. This shouldn't be a "go to" device when you don't get your way. We have not benefited from the number of Executive Orders issued during the Obama administration.

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