• Yes, very much so.

    I'll quote Salman Khan. "Imagine learning to ride a bicycle. Maybe I give you a lecture ahead of time, and I give you a bicycle for two weeks, then I come back after two weeks, and say, 'Well, let's see. You're having trouble taking left turns. You can't quite stop. You're an 80 percent bicyclist.' So I put a big 'C' stamp on your forehead. And then I say, 'Here's a unicycle.'" This is how many students are learning today. Many teachers, whether or not the students understand the material or not, move on to the next material. They are then given a grade, and many of them, just move on without fully understanding material they didn't understand. This later accumulates and brings similar results. Now the students are disappointed by their grades and are discouraged. The major issue is that students today are not learning as efficiently as they should be.

  • I agree very much that the current school system needs to be changed.

    As a student, I often have trouble grasping the concepts of most material we cover, despite practically being worshipped for my supposedly high IQ. Most of the things taught in school I find useless and unnecessary in everyday and will most likely never use in real life. Another problem I have is is that I enjoy reading and writing both fiction and non-fiction but my ELA teacher discourages me in my writing with her teaching style and viewpoints.

  • Yes, it need to be restarted.

    Children need education, not schools. The current school systems are corrupt, children dread going, many children commit suicide because of the stresses of school, many children do not get an education, but rather learn how to take a test, prisoners get more benifits than school children, things get less colorful when people get older.... You get the idea, the who system is corrupt, and needs to be changed, strat from scratch, because this way is not good.

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