Do we need to change the culture of professional football?

  • Yes, we need a change of culture.

    Professional football is boring, and its fans can sometimes be major idiots. We need to overhaul the whole thing. First off, let's make it exciting to watch. I say we release tigers and chimpanzees on the field. The field should contain non-lethal landmines and springboards too. Basically, let's bring back the XFL!

  • Yes We Do

    Professional football needs a major culture change. It has shifted away from sportsmanship and team camaraderie to being all about macho attitudes and making lots of money. This leads players to spend large amounts of money on flashy cars and night clubs and houses. It also leads to a lot of violence and destructive behaviors.

  • No, football is fine the way it is because it is meant to entertain.

    I believe that NFL football is meant to be a show and it is fine the way it is. It is entertainment and meant to be flashy. Not only are these gentlemen paid for their massive skills, but they are paid to entertain as well, which makes the game more alluring. Every form of entertainment comes with controversy and that just adds to the drama and the "show".

  • We Do Not Need To Change Anything

    The culture of football does not need to be changed. It is fine the way it is. Professional football is the most exciting and lucrative sport in America. People love it and the sport is doing better than any other. Changing the culture could throw things off in my opinion.

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