Do we need to combat the Cultural Marxism that's taken firm hold on U.S. colleges/universities?

Asked by: themassesaredumb
  • Yes, there's a difference between progress and bat-s**t crazy progressivism

    First, I'm independent that leans right, but a closet lean left. I'm not confused. I can tell the difference between change based on common-sense and bat-s**t craziness. The latter is seems to be prevalent these days, and it's being forcefully taught at colleges/universities.

    As a Millennial, I can say the majority of them just absolutely disgust me, along with Gen Z. I don't know what they heck y'all are thinking or being taught. It's like a total void of any wisdom... Everything offends, everything should be free, everyone is entitled, speech should be restricted, and it's ok to hand the country over to foreigners because here they're 'minorities'. Dumb***es...

    I like to step back, and simply observe. Here's what I've observed... You're lil' coddle bots programmed to lash out violently at trigger words. While you're accusing the right or conservatives of bigotry and reaching back in time to hold them accountable for centuries old genocides as if it's still on going, it's you. That's what you're literally doing now. The left, flamed by Cultural Marxism, are literally the current day bigots and crusaders. 'Diversity' is now essentially code for white-genocide. Any opposing belief, idea, concept, or argument is met with 'mob justice' and violence.

    Are you dense? Socialist countries are collapsing under their own weight. There are finite resources/materials. Everyone cannot have everything. Everyone cannot be allowed to flock to a single geographic area. It simply will not work. How can you not comprehend that??? Hmm...Maybe because if you dare say anything that speaks common-sense, you'll be attacked for sounding discriminatory? These colleges/universities are literally creating a force that will eat this country from the inside. What's the difference between an invading uniformed army and a huge influx of civilian foreigners? Absolutely nothing! Let me guess, that sounds xenophobic, right lil' coddle bots? P*** on you, your 'education', and you're BS way of thinking. You're literally handing the country over to others or allowing others to take it over. Foreigners are welcome to come, but it does have be regulated/checked.

    Ending this rant, I'll leave you with...
    -Fight/advocate for a specific group/race long enough, and you'll become that which were fighting against
    -Nothing is free...Resources/land/materials are limited
    -Anyone who screams 'safety, security, and think of the children' to get their way are worse then thieves, murders, and rapists combined...They take your freedoms through a 1000 cuts
    -Checks-and-balances were created for a reason; if there is no longer an opposing force to keep the other in check, catastrophe is eminent
    -Always teach a neutral stand-point (i.E. Teach both or all sides)

    Take charge and f*** these 'progressives' out of U.S. colleges/universities. Nothing being taught there is helpful or progresses the human race. Why do things seem so divisive these days? Because it's literally being taught at these institutions. When you're programmed enough to see it everywhere, you will.

  • You don't solve problems by wrapping them in a conspiracy theory

    Yes, there are issues with the "regressive left" and they need to be solve.

    Pulling people through confirmation into the same conspiracy theory National Socialists were promoting is not exactly the best way to go about things.

    A few steps further and you'll have full blown antisemitism as that intertwined Star of David and communist symbol on the picture hints at.

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