• Help them please

    There are 41,415 species endangered. When i see many animals my friend and i just want to cry. So if anyone can then we would be supper dupper happy. We want to become zoologists and help animals. Go endangered animal savers!! Please help them! Be a change you can see

  • We need animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Endangered animals are important like rhinos they're almost gone people kill them for they horns to eat them. People say eating there horns are healthy for you there are not because they're the same material as your finger nails. Some people even die eating there horns. The reason we need rhinos is because they help eat the grass and keep the grass low.

  • Yes Of course

    If humans knock out an endangered species it could entirely ruin the food web. Say something in the middle of the food chain gets knocked out. Then the top of the food chain will have a harder time getting food. So in conclusion we should conserve endangered species so the food web doesn't get destroyed and then everyone doesn't thane to be vegan

  • The world should do more about endangered species.

    If endangered animals go, then the animals who rely on them go too. This cycle will repeat until there are no more animals left except us. Then we will die too in the winter when plantation does not produce and we will have no one left to eat but our selves.

  • Save Endangered Animals

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  • Yes we should

    Save Endangered Animals!

    I think more should be done to save endangered animals. I will tell you some of the reasons I came up with that might just convince you to save endangered animals! Let us see if I can convince you. Here we go.

    This is one reason I think you should save endangered animals. They are ecological, educational and historical. You still don’t believe me, well I have some facts to support my answer, scientists said that animals teach us where they live, what they eat and their activities. This information is useful to scientists because they tell us when and where they are from.

    Still not convinced, well I have a few more facts. Endangered animals will turn extinct if we do not help them now. Scientists observed and predicted that 30 to 50 percent of all animals will be extinct by mid century if the animals disappear at this rate.

    My final reason is, most of the animals that get extinct are because of us! They get threatened by us for many reasons, you will see a few of them in this reason. A species is defined endangered by these factors: damage to habitat, disease to the species, and more hazards. All of this is mostly because of us!
    In conclusion, I really hope this information can convince you to try to save endangered species. Thank you for watching/listening! Have a great day!

  • Endangered Animals are Living Things!

    Endangered or not, Animals are animals and we need to save them. Everyday we are putting pollution into the air by smoking, working in factories, campouts (smoke from the fire) these are some of the many reasons that kill animals. And if you kill animals of the speices they will eventually go extinct. We need to save the animals so they don't go extinct because then they will mess up the food chain and possibly make the human race decrease in population in very large numbers. So we should save endangered animals. For their lives and ours.

  • Do Endangered Animals need more protection?

    Yes, endangered species are dying every day, we need to stop illegal hunting and preserve more space for them. And if endangered species die, some animals might not be able to hunt them and will not be able to have food. I hope YOU help endangered species. Here are some species, tigers, rhinos, elephants, and more.

  • Would you like it if you were an endangered animal

    Imagine if you lost your family to a forest fire or a hunter. Would you like that? And think would you like it if you were killed from those things? NO!!! I don't think you would! So help endangered animals. You would fell happy once you do. Pleas help them.

  • How Endangered Animals Feel.

    Would you like it if your house was getting cut down, would you like it if your family got killed for their fur. Huh!! No you wouldn't. That is how the endangered animals feel, so help them they are losing the hope and love. We can not let this happen to the poor endangered animals.

  • What's the difference?

    Why do we care about keeping a species alive if we do not seem concerned with the killing of animals in the first place? It is a backwards view, and until we start caring about the value of living things besides humans, we are hypocrites to support this idea. A species having lower numbers does not magically elevate that species above the status of others that we kill mindlessly, such as cattle or pigs.

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