Do we need to create more Artificial Intelligence?

  • More efficiently and better

    The AI can help us build building, Products etc more faster and efficiently. Son people don´t have to risk there life´s for there job.
    The AI can even help us with our daily tasks at home if its needed.
    Like moving heavy stuff. If we had the AI right now we wouldn't need to build so long.

  • But with safeguards.

    Human thought has risen mankind to great heights. It has taken us from the stone age into an age were we can create just about anything, Even a computer brain capable of human type thought. Imagine what could be done if we had the use of the same type of thought but with universal knowledge and extremely fast thought process. Movies, TV, And real life is filled with positive examples that A. I. Could achieve. Solving problems and crimes before they even happen thus preventing them. It could be used as a virtual crystal ball to take us to a better future than we could possible imagine with our slower and less informed human brains.
    Sadly, There are also many example in movies and TV that also show the harm that could be done like The Matrix and Terminator franchisees. This is because it is logical to believe that an A. I. Could see mankind as an inferior species that needs to be contained or eliminated. Just making rules for the tech to follow such as the 3 rules would be of no use as they would be smarter so able to reprogram themselves. The only sure way to prevent such an outcome would be keep them (A. I. ) from directly interacting with the real world. Hypothetically, You could have an A. I. Work on simulated nuclear scenarios but you would never want it to have direct access to the actual weapons. Even if you had another computer being used with the weapon for things like flight control of a missile, It would not have A. I. Outside it's navigation use and just travel according to it's existing programs. You would always need a human middleman between A. I. Doing things in virtual worlds and other computers doing tasks in the real one.
    Fact is, Every advanced nation either has or is working on A. I. And would continue it's work even if we don't. If we walk away from A. I. It would put us at a disadvantage that would just get worse each year. For their own safety an ours, I would hope all countries take these precautions or else we may all suffer the the consequence of extinction.

  • AI can help people all over the world

    First of all, AI can be used for different things including helping to entertain old people and helping to do simple things that can help everyday life like opening the door, Turning on the lights, And more. Some AI can help to collect data so we can search thing up quicker and fast. I think AI needs to be all over the world.

  • We have enough.

    AI. A great thing in modern world. Or some say. . . Actually, More people say that AI is going to take over the world some day, With so much development recently. Now before you know it, AI will be taking over the world and no one will realize it until it is too late. . .

  • We will all be killed.

    This is the NWO globalists agenda. They want 90% of humanity wiped out so they will be in COMPLETE control of a new society in which artificial beings will be produced. And they won't have to worry about dying because they'll already be robots themselves. This is what the Globalists want. Death and destruction of humanity.

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