Do we need to do more about prescription drug abuse?

  • Yes, it is a problem.

    There are more people than ever currently being prescribed medications to deal with things such as depression, sleeping troubles, and issues concentrating. It seems like anyone can walk in and get diagnosed with something and get a prescription like nothing, with no need to continue to check on their progress and lower their dosage or cut off the medication, meaning more and more people are getting easy access to prescription pills that they probably do not even need.

  • Yes, we need to do more about prescription drug abuse.

    Yes, I believe that we need to do more when it comes to prescription drug abuse. I feel that prescription drug abuse is becoming more frequent in today's society and culture, and that far too many people do not understand the risks and harm associated with continuing to abuse prescription drugs.

  • We're doing all we can

    People will be people. People will explore in life and make decisions and learn. That's what people do and that's what life is for. It's natural that people are curious about what various things like drugs do and that they want to try them and they should be allowed to do so. Every experience enhances one's knowledge in some way. People who abuse and use over and over again and become addicts knew that was a serious risk and they also know they can get help and stop taking it and some even manage cold turkey. Regardless they made their choice and we shouldn't make it harder for people who want pills for health problems to get them because of drug addicts. All we can do is educate. If people don't listen then there's nothing you can do.

  • No, I don't believe more needs to be done.

    At some point the abuse of prescription drugs is something we as people need to take responsibility for. Rather than making it more difficult for those of us who need those drugs, and do not abuse it, we need people to learn and grow on their own. I believe the government has done as much as they can for it at this point.

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