Do we need to do more about violence against women?

  • We have made progress but we need to continue it.

    There are still too many women that believe that violence against them is okay and that they don't have any options. We need to educate these women that it is only going to get worse if they stay. Once we have women willing to leave their abusers we can work on educating men that there are better ways to handle things.

  • Yes, we need to keep working

    Women still do not have the same chances in the law that men do and a lot of women are still vulnerable to violence. Things need to change in the criminal system to allow women to feel more safe and protected, and they also need to know that they will be safe.

  • Absolutely YES, we need to as much as humanly possible to end violence against women.

    If recent television and print reports aren't enough to demonstrate just how much more needs to be done about violence against women, I'm not sure you have a pulse. I am absolutely disgusted by how egregious some people have become! To rape a woman to the point of disembowelment is beyond a power trip and dominance, it smacks of psychosis. Be that as it may, I believe as a society we need to educate our children, boys and girls, that violence against women and rape is not okay, ever. In the case of rape, the woman is NEVER at fault, EVER. Even is she walks completely nude through the red-light district, she is not asking to be raped and should not be blamed. Period.

  • Yes, we need tougher laws.

    Yes, we need to do more to protect women from violence. Restraining orders are not easy to get, and mean nothing anyway. Domestic violence needs to be treated as a much more serious crime. The option of pressing charges or not should not be the woman's choice, as many opt not to out of fear. Once the police are involved, charges should be pressed automatically. Women are being assaulted in their homes everyday, and many don't know how to make it stop, or how to get away. We need education, and resources for these women so they have a safe place to go, and don't have to worry that they'll be on the streets if they leave their abuser.

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