• Stop the Desert

    We are losing land and resources. If deforestation continues, we wont have any water or animals left on our planet. It can cause droughts. If the Sahara Desert gets large enough, it can start affecting the animal and their way of life. The villages that are living there probably have insufficient amount of oxygen to breathe in and out carbon dioxide

  • Yes, the Sahara is destroying villages and the wall of trees can't be erected soon enough.

    Not many people realize that the Sahara overtaking villages and wiping them out with sandstorms. A lot of people are homeless because of that, like Hurricane Katrina with sand. The wall of trees is great idea to stop the encroaching desert, but more countries need to lend greater aid and equipment before it is too late and the plan fails.

  • We need to do more to stop the growth of the Sahara desert

    It is imperative to stop the growth of the Sahara desert. Allowing the Sahara desert to expand increases unusable land that cannot be recovered. We need to safeguard natural resources for our ever-growing civilization and decreasing wildlife. The populations that live there experience poverty and suffer a grave lack of basic resources to survive due to desertification.

  • Yes, we need to do more to stop the growth of the Sahara desert.

    The Sahara desert is growing as a direct result of global warming. As global warming has become more of an issue, it has resulted in the changing of precipitation patterns and ultimately fairly significant spreading of the desert. While I am not sure what the process would be to reverse the spread, I am confident that global warming is behind it.

  • Need to do more to stop the growth of the Sahara desert

    Climate change is affecting every part of the globe including the Sahara desert. The increase in desertification should be controlled and it is extremely important to do more to stop further growth of deserts. Carbon emissions and industrial waste as well as water pollution and overuse of non renewable resources are some of the most cited reasons. However increase in population also means greater use of resources and higher carbon emissions leading to desertification.

  • Let the sahara desert grow!!!!!

    It is a proven fact that the Sahara Desert isnt causing any harm to the plant. The sahara desert is a home to thousands of species and stopping the growth would make the animals die away. The sahara desert is a great place for vacations, so if you stop the growth then there isnt much to explore on a vacation. All of this information was gathered from reliable sources. This should help you in any debates.

  • No, we shouldn't stop the Sahara Dessert growing.

    We shouldn't stop it growing because people like to see the beauty of the dessert and because it doesn't concern us. The growth doesn't need to stop because its not doing anything to our country. This is a very reliable fact for kids working on debates. The growth isn't the point.

  • No we shouldn't stop the Sahara Dessert.

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