• Our medical system is an embarassment

    To be the only first world nation that can't manage to offer it's citizens health care is a blight on our nation. Free clinics are mostly awful, and a great place to either catch something infectious, or to be told that you need to go to a real hospital, where doctors are allowed to prescribe real medicines and drugs, and have equipment to perform real procedures.

  • Free clinics should be as good as anything else

    I believe that healthcare should not be based on your ability to pay, and as a result, free clinics should be just as god as paid treatment. In fact, I go as far as to say that all clinics should be free. That would allow care at them to improve because high quality doctors would be working there, and the powerful people of america would care more about how good the care there was.

  • The quality of care does not need to improve.

    The quality of care in free health clinics does not need to improve. If these clinics can not adequately treat the patients they receive then the patients need more serious care. Our society is given enough free hand-outs as it is. Increasing the quality of care will cost money from citizens who are already paying for care.

  • No We Don't

    I do not believe we need to improve the quality of care in free health clinics. We need to provide health care to every citizen in the United States regardless of their ability to pay. These services should be at the same standard as they are for every one who receives care.

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