Do we need to institute a stronger penality for teen curfew?

  • As a parent, I believe it would be a great idea to enforce a teen curfew.

    Due to experience with our own child when he was 16, the penalty for the teen should become more stringent if they are caught out after curfew. The idea of a stronger penalty may instill a little bit more discipline within the teenagers of today's society. Our child would leave the house at 11:30 pm to go purchase cigarettes. There were also times he would visit friend's homes to partake in illegal smoking as well.

  • Teens should not have a legal curfew

    Teens shouldn't have a legal curfew, if they know they are supposed to be in at a certain time then they are supposed to be in and if there not then that`s on them. And they are responsible enough to know when they are supposed to come home.

    PS: i like TURTLEZ!!!!!!

  • Tennagers need space

    We just like hanging out with friends. We are growing up. Parents just have to start learning how to let go. We need our space, we want to have a life and not be at home bored. We arent babies anymore. We shouldn't be treated like babies either. We understand you just want time to spend with us. But it gets annoying. I think we should just get the space we want. The freedom we need.

  • It's just staying out too late!

    Hey, you know what? It's staying out late. It's not murdering someone, it's not robbing a bank or anything else even remotely like that. What it is, is staying out later than they're supposed to. The penalties, such as they are, are perfectly in line with the offense, which is nothing but a misdemeanor.

  • Many states already have strong penalties

    Curfew exists for a good reason, but it's hard to enforce. If there are fines involved, parents have to pay them. Some states have fines up to $500. Others require parents and children to attend workshops or work on a crew. Penalties involve both parents and children to reinforce compliance.

  • I do not think we need to institute a stronger penalty for teen curfew.

    I do not think we need to institute a stronger penalty for teen curfew. I think it should be something that is handled by the parents. Parents should be able to decide what their teen's punishment should be for breaking their curfew. It is not something that should be decided by law.

  • It's up to parents to determain a curfew

    Except in times of emergency, their should be no general curfew laws. Parents should have the right to allow their kids out til a time they see fit, and determine the punishment. One size fits all laws like teen curfews just end up hurting those that the laws are made to protect.

  • Restricting People Doesn't Help

    I do not believe we need to institute a stronger penalty for teen curfews. There are many places where there are no curfew laws. Curfews are best when set by parents, not by government or law enforcement. Teens running around at all hours of the night is a sign that family values are disappearing, creating laws will not solve the broader problem.

  • We do not need to institute a stronger penalty for teen curfew.

    Teen curfew is not something that we should be discussing on having a penalty for. The only people that should be thinking about any kind of curfew are the parents of the teen. They are the ones who are in charge of their children and it should stay that way. Parents should deem whether a teen is responsible enough to be out late or if they should be home at a certain time. If the teen is causing enough problems then they will do what they see fit as a proper punishment.

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