• These little 12 year old kiddies stabbing children get it too easy

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  • In general, Yes.

    While I do believe that the fact regarding how the brain develops so differently between kids should be taken into account, If a person is willing to go through with an act of crime or violence, They should be able to take the punishment of the act afterwards. If I were threatened by a kid with a gun, I would be forced to defend myself, And if I were murdered by a child, I would hope that the kid is locked up so they wouldn't be able to do it to anyone else.

  • Yes it is obvious

    Since once a child is around 12 they are allowed to go to school on their own, When alone they could commit crimes yet the parents would have no control over what the child is doing. A child can go outside and vandalize without the parent knowing and therefore the parents should not be held accountable for an action a child of theirs committed.

  • Yes we should

    Because nowadays childs are being abusive because they know that when they are going to do a crime they will not be send to jail instead they will be put to dswd or department of social welfare and development so i think crime age should really really need to be lowered!

  • Fix the problem

    We need to hold parents accountable, Or they will be less motivated to effectively govern their children, Or seek help if they are having trouble doing so. For example, If a child has a history of substance abuse, And the parent(s) fails to act, Resulting in the death of that child or others, They should be held accountable as though the parent(s) committed the crime(s). Additionally, The legal and education systems need updating. Problem/at risk children are ignored, Poor/abusive/neglectful parents should be lawfully required to surrender children if they fail to ammend, Or have already gone too far. Every child should have mandatory psycological evaluations three times a year, Medical twice, And dental once. Malnourished or morbidly obese in the absence of medical cause, Should constitute significant child abuse. Abnormal academic failure as a result of parental neglect should also be grounds for possible loss of the child. However, Until the government can creat a better environment, And improve considerably the timely placement of displaced children in a safe and final environment, I don't know if the end results will be better or just different. We need sociatial and cultural growth to fix the problems.

  • This is complex. . .

    There are a few issues that I have with lowering the crime responsibility age. We can make children accountable, That I completely agree with. But how we go about managing the problem once the child is held responsible is a different matter entirely. . .

    1) FACT - brain development for impulse control doesn't develop fully until you are 25. We can't ignore this fact but is can be convenient when we want to blame children.
    2) Parental responsibility - huge percentages of children who commit crimes come from backgrounds where this behaviour is tolerated, Normalised or actively encouraged. I have come across children that sell drugs, Break into houses and get into knife fights all whilst being encouraged by their parents.
    3) Disposal - so they are guilty, Then what? If they go into detention they are likely to come out hardened and more equipped to commit more serious crimes in the future. Full removal is an option, If they are then placed in an environment that gives boundaries and structure.
    4) Education - huge numbers of children commit crimes because they have no incentive not to. Lowered economic households often give children the message that they will never get ahead in life and so why adhere to the law?
    5) Prison is NOT a deterrent - children are not scared of jail especially if they are growing up in an environment where jail is the norm. If they live on an estate where half the population have had police problems they are so desensitised to the threat of prison. They have nothing to lose.
    6) Prison space/resourcing - the fact is we have higher numbers of criminals in prisons than many countries. We have to fund this somehow; prisons, Prison officers, Probation and the courts system. There is little evidence that prison works in rehabilitating offenders so another option must be taken to manage these challenging, Often damaged children.

    In short, The age of responsibility should be lowered taking into consideration the brain development and socio-economic status of the offenders. Prison and other punitive measures decrease employment and housing opportunities, Costs taxpayers billions and has little rehabilitating impact. We can lock these kids away but they will come out angrier, More antisocial and much more able to commit more serious crimes when they get out.

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