• Pay college athletes

    We need to start paying them because they are working hard to earn this and they come out and take this serious and try to start a future for others and some cant wait four years and some athletes have a dream and they care about this and they are quitting util they need to stop.

  • But not a salary

    Paying college athletes a salary to play makes little sense - after all, they're already getting free tuition, room, and meals. Still, paying the athletes performance based incentives, paying after graduation, or placing the money in some kind of trust or future fund (to prevent them from spending it all immediately, as many young people would) would be prudent.

  • I think it should be allowed to pay athletes.

    Paying athletes should definitely be allowed in college sports. Look at how big of a business college bowl season is, and how much money the NCAA rakes in off that month or so alone. These athletes are making millions of dollars for their school, lining the pockets of others while the NCAA does not even provide after sport injury care.

  • Yes,we need to pay college athletes to play.

    Since we are using the bodies of college athletes it is just fair if we pay them an equitable salary.They make lots of money for their schools and their performance can even be said to pay for the salaries of the coaches and administrators.If they got paid at least they could concentrate on the game.

  • They earn it

    I think college athletes definitely should. The colleges get so much money from nike and reebok and other big brands pay colleges to have their athletes wear their attire, so they should get at least some of the money. If you look at charts and stuff the amount colleges spend are way lower than the amount they make. That's my argument.

  • They derserve it

    Yes I believe that we should pay college athletes to play. They work hard to do what they do. They could be injured or any number off things and not ever have a chance to play professionally. Also why should the schools reap all of the awards of the athletes.

  • They do not deserve rewards

    They might even go broke and die of starvasion it is dumb why no they suck they are leaches of the componie why do they do this dumb act of violence whhhhhhhhhhhhy they might even suck wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhy do people do such fowl things as this its not fair for us

  • College Athletes Don't Need Pay

    College athletes don't play in professional sports, and they don't deserve pay. If they're good enough, then they can reach the professional level of that sport and earn a salary. Colleges could afford to pay athletes, but there's no reason to do so. They can wait until they hit the pros.

  • We do not.

    We do not need to pay college athletes to play. Most of them are kind of getting paid by the fact that they are getting a full scholar ship and do not have to pay for anything while they are there. If they want to become paid, then they need to go pro.

  • No We Shouldn't

    I believe colleges should exist to educate their students first. This is where the majority of their funding should go, no matter how important they view their sports teams to be. If players want pay for the athletic ability then they should get into those leagues as soon as they can, if they can. They should not however, be paid to play in college, where they are already being given a free education in most circumstances.

  • College athletes are paid through their college tuition.

    College athletes do not need to be paid to play. These athletes play for fun as well as the chance to go pro. The good athletes are already paid via their college tuition. The money profited by these students needs to go back to the university to provide future scholarships as well as funding for the sports program.

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