• What!!!!!????????

    No one has ever, in the past twenty years, ever said that a student had to pray, not even in a private christian school. No one is contending that anyone has to pray! But understand that making it so people can't pray is as unconstitutional as demanding that they do. Who are we to say when and where someone can practice their faith? Also understand though that in saying a student can pray doesn't only extend to the higher majority of Christians in this country. It extends to all faiths. Freedom is the tolerance of enduring the act of something you don't agree with as well as exercising what you do believe. Given our global record with education maybe we need some prayer in school. And if those of other faiths want to lend their voice in their own ways I'll take that to.

  • Yes.

    School is made of many different people of different religions, cultures, and religious backgrounds/beliefs. We need to respect those, and praying is the way to do that. Freedom of religion allows us to do it. Why should people not let us because they don't like it? They don't have to do it. Prayer does not convert people. It is a tool for people of faith to use for good. Ultimately, Schools are for learning, but that doesn't mean that is the only thing that should go on there.

  • People Need To Be More Tolerant Of Other's Ways

    Yes, we need to pray in the classroom. Religion and a belief in a deity is a part of many people’s lives. As such, it is wrong for us to ignore it and pretend that it does not exist. Instead, we should acknowledge it and allow the right to pray to those who wish to take advantage of it. People need to be more tolerant of others. It is acceptable for us to not agree with another person’s beliefs. It is very wrong of us to deny another person’s right to practice those beliefs.

  • No, It Should be Voluntary

    My local school has a moment of silence each morning, in which people can pray or reflect or do whatever the hell they want. Mandating prayer in the classroom is silly considering the number of children who haven't made religion part of their lives. The state should also not endorse any form of religion.

  • The question is to vague to get an true answer from most, but no.

    I only put "no" because it should NOT be mandatory for any student of any faith (or lack thereof) to pray in the classroom. The First Amendment blocks the government's endorsement of any religion over all others, OR the endorsement of religion over non-religion. That being said, if a student wants to bow their head and say a little prayer to themselves before they take a test, then that is perfectly acceptable.

  • NO way JOSE!!

    There are people who are highly religious and take certian actions seriously. I knew a kid who was muslim. His friend was christian, and jokingly asked his islamic friend to convert to christianity. The kid punched his christian friend in the jaw, and believe it or not moved somewhere else. People have a right to pray to whatever they want. If this happens in school, and they force you to pray when you don't want to, tell someone you can trust immediately!!

  • This should not be mandatory

    I like how the argument being presented here for prayer in the classroom is "people need to be more tolerant of other's ways." Hi, how about the people that don't practice prayer? There are religious schools that this practice makes sense for obvious reasons, but the reasons it doesn't work for public schools is even more clear.

  • Absoulutely not.

    School is made of many different people of different religions, cultures, and religious backgrounds/beliefs. Forcing one common prayer for a specific religion is a direct violation of the freedoms listed in the constitution. If your a christian, do you want to be forced into worshipping Mr. Billy as god? Probably not, so why should people need to pray in the classroom? School is for LEARNING!!! Not for converting people to religion.

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