• Yes we should stop school violence at once.

    Firstly, what does violence bring us to? Trouble. Violence does not solve any problem we have and we get severely punished. We always have to pay a price to everything we do. We should never resort to violence no matter how stress or how much we hate that person etc. Violence also spoils the school reputation.

  • Violence is a serious problem.

    Yes, we do need to stop violence. Unfortunately, school have to record all their data as far as punishing students is concerned, so rather than give harsh consequences to students who bring drugs, weapons, etc to schools, administrators are leniant to avoid having to record large numbers of suspensions and expulsions. Because of this, administrators and government officials are teaching the students that violence has no/little consequence and will be tolerated. No district wants to be perceived as bad, so statistics are all that matter anymore in eduction. If schools want to reduce violence, they will have to be harder on the students who pose a problem. I'm all for detaining, retaining, and expelling if it will make schools safer!

  • Violence should be ended, But i would be a very difficult task.

    Violence is a major problem in our school systems, But it will be very difficult for a task that large to be accomplished. Violence surrounds students in their out of school life, So it would be hard to prevent it in the school's when our society is greatly involved in it.

  • Violence is never the answer, especially to your school problems.

    Why anyone would fight to solve their problems is beyond me. As far as we should all know, there are hundreds of more promising ways to solve your problems. So the next time you think about fighting to correct an error, think to yourself first, is there any other option then violence? I gurentee the answer will ALWAYS be yes.

  • Bullying will never stop. Just like world peace is impossible.

    Bullying will not be stopped. This world is about survival of the fittest. If a child feels depressed, or thinks of committing suicide because someone called them a name, or insulted them to an unbelievable degree, that child is weak, and does not deserve to live. Instead we should be teaching kids how to deal with these problems morally, how to insult others back, how to fight bullies, mentally and physically.

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  • Meh good luck

    If you were going to try to stop violence in school you would have to take all forms of individuality from the students, teachers, and everyone else in the world due to the world being connected through the internet, airports, and other places of gathering. And where people and their ideas meet, there will be conflict at some point and those conflicts will be talked about in school and peiple will pick sides. And it all goes downhill from there. Also if you were to try to stop all violence all you would get is killed. Or if it was in school like the question asked, you would bever be found. Although returning ti what i was originally saying about the individual you would have to take it away from everyone and note: everyone is different so you will have to take the right things away from everyone to make the individual lose their uniqueness one at a time but when you get through enough of them humans as a species will have adapted to this form of themselves and just continue life like you never did anything so, Meh good luck.

  • Violence will never stop just like prejudice will never stop

    If you were ever going to try to stop it then you would be wasting your time on doing that, Violence will keep on going till humans die essentially. People are used to doing this all the time even if you don't know you are being violent. There are 7 different ways of being violent according to Wikipedia, There is self-directed violence, Interpersonal, Violence, Collective violence, Physical, Sexual, Physiological, And emotional

  • I'm saying no just because this is alarmist

    You'd think based on the question that schools were like war zones. For the most part there is not violence in schools. Even bullying is typically things like name-calling and gossip, which I do think there should be consequences (after school detention) for. Violence does happen in schools, but it's rare. It seems more common than it is because the most serious cases of violence in schools get reported in the news.

    Of course violence in schools should not be tolerated. If a kid hits another kid then give him a month's detention or an in-school suspension (with all of the homework still due whenever it would have came due, out of school suspension is a vacation and should not be used as a punishment). If it keeps happening, expel the bully.

    But we don't need to be alarmist and act like there's some sort of giant problem with school violence.

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