• Animals lead to breakthrough

    People immediately think that animals are used only to test things like cosmetics and other beauty products. The vast majority of labs that do serious research into the biological sciences use animals as model organisms in order to test drugs and procedures. Animal testing has led directly to a large number of medical breakthroughs.

  • Unfortunately, we must use animals

    If we do not use animals in research, we have several
    choices. We can use humans. Humans are animals, but at least they are animals
    with the freedom to truly consent. Unless they really need the money,
    are desperate, or have been misled about the consequences of the research. If
    using people in safety studies seems wrong, we can simply release drugs and cosmetics
    without checking to see if they might have bad effects. Or, we could simply
    never release new products. Using animals is not pleasant to contemplate, but
    it is the best of our current options.

  • Animals Needed For Research

    Given the advancements we have made in the past, especially in pharmaceuticals, I think it is obvious that we do need to use animals in research. It is a decision based on the lesser or two evils, but it's a better choice than strictly testing drugs and other products on humans alone.

  • Yes, for scientific research, animal testing is justified.

    In scientific research, specifically in the study of developing medicines to treat illnesses, testing on animals is acceptable, especially when juxtaposed against testing on human subject, whom the new drug may harm. Animal testing has it's limits, of course, but in drug research, it may very well save lives.Other applications of animal testing (such as cloning) are justifiably up for debate, but in cases of developing medicines to save lives, it's extremely useful.

  • Yes, at times.

    When trying to come up with a new shampoo for pets, or a new medicine, new vet practices and such it is needed. Sometimes harm comes to the animals and that is wrong and that needs to be changed, but we still need them to find out better ways to help them in the long run.

  • Why should we?

    I don't think that using animals will help us in our reasearch. Since animals and humans are really different things might go well for the animal but can kill us humans, so we'd be spending too much time redoing our research, but we could have just used humans who volunteered and have found the cure!

  • Animal research is killing our environment

    Incineration is the most common way to get rid of the bodies after use. The pollution is made from emission gas and has killed over 2.1 million people due to human particulate matter in the smog. Biodiversity is also an ongoing problem which is being affected by animal testing. And this is just one example for you all.

  • We don't need to use animals in research.

    Animals have lives, like us. We should treat them the way we want to be treated. After all, they have the right to live. We have no right to just grab a mouse, and try an experiment on them. This is unfair. We are harming Mother Nature, and the planet we live in.

  • They also are living!

    We must respect other living creatures. After all they also have a desire to live. So many species are dying because of us we need to stop or we could kill thousands of them just to see if a bottle of Advil came out okay remember animals are still living creatures.

  • We do not need to use animals in research.

    We do not need to use animals in research. The only reason that we use them is for cosmetics mostly and that is a waste. We should not be using animals in any research and with the technology that is out there today then there should be no reason to.

  • We do not need to use animals in research

    Animals are not a necessary part of research and with new technology coming out every day there are many more practical and humane ways of finding out what happens to what genome when you tweak the parts of the DNA responsible for cancer or whatever other experiment they want to perform.
    Using animals is just not a humane way to find out the why and how of many questions.

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