Do we need to worry about coal getting depleated?

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  • Yes, coal is a finite resource formed over millions of years and cannot be renewed.

    The formation of coal takes many years, far more than the total amount of item humans have existed. If we were to run out or low of coal, the generation of more coal could take an immense amount of time. Humans cannot renew coal. Many specialists predict that we will reach the maximum of coal production within the 21st century. For this reason we need to look at alternative sources of fuel.

  • No way okay

    We need to think about depletion of coal as we must think about our future also. Yaa there are many other resources which can take place of coal but still no one can compete coal. Therefore we need to secure about it... It's precious in our life just like mother

  • No, I don' think we need to worry about coal getting depleated

    I don't think we need to worry about coal getting depleted because of the how vast the natural of supply of coal is. Even if we did start to deplete the supply of coal a little bit, we have other means of producing energy and other resources that can help substitute the functions of coal.

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