• Yes we need forecasters. Apps on Iphones and Smart Phones is not enough

    Yes today you can look on your Iphone or Smart Phone to get a forecast but more than half the time they wrong anyways with current conditions. Forecast quite often wrong with temperatures. These forecasts come from private companies like Accuweather and Weather Channel and other ones. The real weather forecasters are the US National Weather Service and they make the forecast, apps don't forecasts, they just grab the forecast fro ma computer on the network and sync to your phone that's it. Without forecasters you will not have a forecast.

    Also apps will not give you a watch or warning of severe weather like a Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado, Hurricane, Blizzard, Flood and much more. Also want to note the weather people you see on TV are not actual meteorologists, a few are, but most are just news reporters giving weather briefing. Again they copy the weather forecast from the National Weather Service. So yes let's keep meteorologists around because they are highly valuable.

  • Totally!! I can't believe people say no!

    Say there's a hurricane coming. Wouldn't you want to know in advance? Without a weather forecaster to predict regions and intensity, many more people would die in these hurricanes and tropical storms. Weather people are greatly underestimated, it is actually pretty hard to predict the weather. I bet all of us have been in a situation where you checked the forecast before scheduling an outdoor event, and didn't it help you?

  • Computers cannot replace a forecaster

    Computers can only aid in forecaster but a actual meteorologists still needs to be there to analyze the data. I'm a atmospheric science major and I see the details that are needed to make a forecast. Although some people feel we are waste of money to our Government such as the US National Weather Service, they are highly important forecasting life threatening weather. Provide accurate forecasts to aviation to minimize aircraft accidents. Yes the weather forecast can be wrong occasional, but lot has improve since the 1990's. So yes we need weather forecasters around.

  • Weather Forecasters are a cruel marketing ploy.

    Generally , weather forecasters are more alluring people. Incontrovertibly , superfluous positions for modeling have no pragmatic role.
    I myself check the weather through my phone. Why? Simple , I don't have to wait for the channel to put on the weather. I can look at it at my own convenience. This reasoning extends to majority of people.

  • A weather forecaster??

    A month ago there was a news about problems of weather forecasters. They are just people who comes out on TV for a fashion show. Their clothes a re becoming fancier and people are focusing on the forecaster's fashion, not the news. Channels make their forecasters look prettier and fancier to earn money.(Korea broadcasting studio) Now, do we really need weather forecasters? We can easily see weather news on the phone, newspapers, and online. I think weather forecasters are useless.

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