• Young politicians are More aware

    Compared to the old politicians, Young politicians are more aware of what’s going on in the world, From discrimination to Global warming and from cruelty to neglect, They are more sympathetic and tolerant to people of different ethnicity and sexuality, Whereas the old political came from a generation of people who prefer to keep to their own ethnic groups, Also young politicians are more open to others than the old politicians, And they are more environmental friendly, And socially advanced, They want to deal with the worlds problems like global warming, Climate change, Wildlife preservation, Poverty, Crimes, Drug and alcohol abuse, War, Domestic violence, And corruption. They want to put and end to all the wrongs that the older generation have created.

  • Young politicians are the hope and future

    Young politicians are favoured over old politicians as they reflect the thoughts of the coming generations. They are more educated therefore will have a lot of new, bright and somewhat unique ideas. They can adapt well to new changes which is , in most cases , difficult for the older politicians.

  • The future of America

    No more outdated policy we need change and the older people I feel are against the happiness of the youth because they're close to the end. I just want to see change in the justice system a more lenient on convicts and the mentally I'll. I also feel we need to grow by changing

  • Young politicians are dynamics, energetics and future of the nation

    Young Politicians are really the hope for a better nation
    1. When we use the word ‘nation’, it shows more love, unity and patriotism in its meaning as compared to the term “country.”
    2. Almost every good and responsible citizen would love and work for his nation.
    3. But young politicians are preferred to the old as they are more energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate to dedicate themselves for the nation.
    4. They can be more educated and can bring reforms in education better than others.
    5. Living in the Science and technological world, they can develop the IT sector of the country.
    6. They are more positive and optimistic in their approach and even through criticism.
    7. Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose and others had worked for their nation throughout their life right from the beginning. Had they not struggled for us, we might have still been under British rule. Infact, we can get inspiration from their lives and utilize ourselves for the sake of the nation.

  • There are too many old politicians

    The average age of politicians is 50-60! This is ridiculous since our society is built up of 20% young people. Older people mainly focus on older people stuff, usually not caring as much for young people. Young people also have more innovative ideas. They are just as mature as older people

  • They're the future

    We need young politicians, no older than 30 years old because they have innovative ideas and bright minds. They are the future and they can make it great because they are open minded (different cultures, different races, different sexualities...) If young people and old people would get along and work together, the world would be a better place. With the experience of the elderly and the new ideas of the youngsters, they might bring world peace. But old people say that young people are immature and inexperienced so the young hate the old because of those comments because they don't feel good enough and worthless,which is why not a lot of young people are interested in politics.

  • We need young politicians

    We are not talking about teenage politicians. What is the point here is to encourage young adults such as people of the of 25+ to take a more effective role in the politics and parliament because they are closer to the world changes that are happening. Some older politicians are not open minded and do not have room for change and most the decision that they make have a big effect on the youth considering 65% of the population (in Africa) is under the age of 35. We do need young politicians to play and effective role in the government to encourage correlative change.

  • Old politicians slow progress

    If you look at most political parties who have older politicians, you see that their policies, views and beliefs reflect that of which were present in their younger years. Do we really want to go back 50 years? No. We need politicians who have lived in this generation, not politicians who dream of the past.

  • Old people have health issues

    The brains of older people only appear to slow down because they have so much information to compute, much like a full-up hard drive.Older people do not decline mentally with age, it just takes longer to recall facts because they have more information in their brains. Alder people only think about themselves and not about the people around them.

  • Yes young politicians would be a good idea.

    I think young politicians in parliament would be an excellent answer to may of toady's problems. Currently the world is run by those who have already passed middle age and are no longer in connection with those who are young and trying to conquer their dreams. With younger people there would be new more unique ideas and not the tried old methods that are going on, and the voice of a younger generation would be heard instead of being silenced by the voices of those who are old.

  • That's not true

    Old politicians are more effective as they are much experienced than younger ones.They actually know how to deal with some problems as they have faced them much earlier.They have much understanding power than that of younger politicians to listen to the problems of the people and resolve them in an easy and optimistic way.

  • Old is gold

    Old politicians are more experienced than younger ones & are more patient & wise. Althrough them may be called “SLOW” they give best results & always have a point in their opinion

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  • Yes its true.

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  • We need experienced people

    Young people may be the future and may have innovative ideas since their young, but they simply do not have the experience or maturity to run our country. From countless websites about the brain and certain maturity ages, it states that the brain is fully developed at the mid 20’s to the early 30’s, meaning they are most likely to make mistakes, and our country cannot risk that. We need mature and experienced people to run our country, for a safe, and secure country that believes in equality.

  • We don't need young politicians

    The brain is fully developed at the mid 20's so a child's brain is most likely to make a mistake. We can't take that risk. A teenager is not responsible enough to take on so much responsibility. They are still trying to figure out themselves and more pressure is not going to help.

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