• Not free to hire.

    Yes, we overtax corporations, because the people who are employed working for the corporations already have to pay taxes. The people who take in the profit already have to pay taxes on that profit. If we didn't tax them so much, they could lower their prices and that would help the consumer.

  • No We Do Not

    In America, corporations are not overtaxed, if anything they are under taxed. Many of the corporations in America do not operate in a socially responsible manner and that is hurting the majority of the population. Greed is killing the nation. If the only way to change this is to tax the corporations more, then we should do that.

  • No, we do not overtax corporations.

    No, we do not overtax corporations. The main problem with the US Tax System is that it allows for loopholes which the corporations take advantage of and then they are able to save money and pay less taxes in the US by sheltering their money in offshore tax havens, losing possible tax revenue that the US might have captured.

  • We do not overtax corporations.

    We do not overtax corporations. Corporations are subject to taxation just as individual persons are. Corporations are taxed anywhere between 15% to 35% of their taxable income. This rate is similar to the rate that is implied to individuals who are taxed between 10% to 35%. This suggests that corporations are taxed at the same rate as individuals.

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