• We put too much emphasis on Valentine's Day. Isn't it just a pre-scheduled anniversary?

    It seems to me that couples do the same thing they do on Valentines Day as they do on their wedding or relationship anniversary. You should also be showing love to your partner everyday, so that the idea of Valentines day would become null and void. We really don't need a day to show love.

  • Cash for Valentine cardmakers

    I believe we are held captive by the manufacturers of special occasion cards. Valentine's day was originally touted as a romantic occasion which required that a typical male purchase candy, roses and a card to demonstrate his "love" or special affection for a female. Thanks to the angst created by advertising, we have devolved into an alleged holiday where cards are practically required for friends, co-workers, spouses and relatives due to the "tell someone special you care" campaign.

  • It's become a consumerist holiday

    Considering 17 billion dollars is spent on an average Valentine's Day it has become very obvious to me that it has become a superficial holiday. If you love the person you are with show it all year round. Buying someone a $130+ gift does little to show how much you really care for them.

  • Yes, we place too much emphasis on Valentine's Day.

    Yes, we place too much emphasis on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is a holiday created to bolster the coffers of companies like Hallmark that profit from the holiday. Additionally, the holiday can be a hard time for those without significant others who may feel like they are being left out. Finally, it does not follow to have to have a specific day to show love to one's spouse - it should be a year round occurrence!

  • Valentine's Day For Businesses

    I do believe we place too much emphasis on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day has become what it is through commercialization and advertising. The holiday holds no real relevance other than people expect gifts on the day it comes around. To me, that is a pointless holiday. It's only in place to ensure that people continue spending their money.

  • There isn't much emphasis.

    No, we do not place too much emphasis on Valentine's Day, because it is the greeting card industry, and the people who make chocolate, that want us to spend a lot of money on Valentine's Day. Most people continue to live their lives in a normal fashion on Valentine's Day. We really do keep it in perspective. It is just a day.

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