• Yes, reporters are placed in too much danger.

    I agree that reporters & other media personnel are placed in too much danger just to gain coverage to stories. However, I am aware that there is a journalistic code, a belief system, where many feel obligated to bring the story to the public's attention. The cost can be high & some journalists are willing to sacrifice themselves in order to ensure that the story is told.

  • Human lives mean more than Gossip

    In the same way that celebrities are sometimes put in dangerous situations, so are the reporters. The companies who employ the reporters should have a duty of care to their employees. Putting a reporter into a war zone is not safe and not acceptable. Getting the story to the masses can be done without putting reporters at risk.

  • A Client Guide to Dealing with the Media

    You may not want it to happen, but there will be times that you will have to deal with the media.

    This guide provides some ideas on working with the media, dealing with the media in times of crisis, handling press releases and becoming comfortable in dealing with the media.

    There are plenty of times the media wants your news. The flow of information is a two-way street. Giving story ideas about forth coming news worthy events and getting to know the media will help if you ever have to deal with them in a crisis situation.

    The criteria for media interest in a story vary. News must be interesting, relevant and timely.

  • People who become reporters do so willingly.

    I personally think that people who become reporters are passionate about their job. They are willing to go beyond the call of duty to get the story. I have heard quite a few reporters say that though the job may be dangerous, it is exciting to them. I say this with the reporters in mind who are in the middle of war zones to cover a story firsthand. It is simply a choice that some choose to do. Noone is forcing them into dangerous situations.

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